If you’ve heard about Google+ company or brand pages and you’re?exasperated?with wondering if you should do it. the answer is YES.

I’m not sure if you remember product directories; but back BEFORE the internet, one of the biggest jobs in marketing (and certainly tedious) was making sure that you were listed in a series of industry directories. This was just something you had to do so that your customers could find you.

If you want to be asked to dance — you have to BE at the dance. (I had a manager that used to say that). This is really no different. Stop asking yourself whether or not you should do many of these new tools. If it is somehow related to getting found — then YES – you need to be listed.

Do I have to stop Facebook to do Google+

Of course not. You will have to manage all the groups. Instead of complaining about it — embrace this is a much easier way for your ideal customer to find you. Google+ is new, and like any new tool it will either survive or die — it just depends on how many people want to play.

If you are a business and you have customers and you want to get found — you will have to play to some degree. But you can’t start playing until you’ve set up your account.

Check out this quick and easy video on how to create your own Google+ Page


How to Manage Pages

When you want to manage your pages – take a peek at your profile picture in the upper left hand corner and you’ll notice that it has your pages listed with a little arrow. Simply click there to manage your pages.