The art of guerrilla marketing involves creating hype around your business, but with a twist. This high impact marketing method is an unconventional and low-cost way to create a buzz around your brand. Unlike traditional forms of marketing, guerilla marketing is different because it targets individuals specifically. Think of it this way: your business should be like your thumbprint?unique, so treat it that way as you come up with the best ways to market your business.chamberphoto

The popular home furnishing store IKEA used guerilla marketing in New York City where it set up hundreds of experiences throughout the city to grasp the attention of New Yorkers and advertise its brand. IKEA took the edge off of bus shelters by turning them into an IKEA-furnished sitting area with the help of curtains, sofa, a rug and a side table sold by the store. While this idea is a bit more extreme than most businesses have the capability of pulling off, it is a good example of what guerilla marketing is, and what it can do for your business.

You don’t have to be a multi-billion dollar business to make a big splash; your business just has to be on the edge of something great. Take a look at a few ways small businesses can use guerilla marketing to make a splash and broaden their customer base.

Brand your ride

Whether you drive a car, truck, SUV, bicycle or van brand it. Paint, stencil or put a company logo decal on it and you will create a traveling billboard for all eyes to see.?

Trusty T-shirts

This form of guerilla marketing is a tried and proved successful method of marketing. Buy some T-shirts, and have them imprinted with your business name and contact information. Pass them out to employees or family and wear them around town. Just remember, you and the people who wear them are projecting an image for your company, so you want to make sure anyone who wears your business T-shirt portrays your business image in the right light.


Send out cards to your customers at random times throughout the year. Impersonal holiday cards are clutter, and usually tossed straight into the recycle bin unread. Instead, send out a card wishing your loyal customer a great spring or summer. Or send out a congratulatory card related to their child?s graduation. Pick a milestone or time of the year that no one else has thought of to send a card so your customer has you on his or her mind.


Pens and other desktop items tend to collect dust, and people don’t notice the business name and information literally at their fingertips. Think outside of the box about another useful giveaway. Select something like a ruler, and have a catchy tagline imprinted that says something like Do we measure up to your expectations? or do something similar that will make your audience remember your business name.

Bumper stickers

These are great because they are not just for cars. Street poles, bathroom stalls and anywhere a lot of eyes will see make a great place to market your business information. Get creative!

Hold a crazy contest

Come up with any type of contest that is slightly wacky or fun and hype it up on your website, blog and social media sites. Encourage people to participate and have a prize to give away to the winner. People love to get things for free, so this is a surefire method to attract attention.

Use your Facebook timeline

Over a year ago, The Israel Anti-Drug Authority created a Facebook profile of a person who used drugs, and showed the same person living a life drug-free and showed several pictures that portrayed life as a user and sober. This created a big impact and was a creative way to leverage the timeline feature. Seven out of ten internet users are active on one or more social networks making the web a perfect place to use guerilla marketing to advertise your business. Identify your target consumers and do something on your Facebook page that takes them by surprise in a positive way.

Many consumers have built up immunity to big budget advertising techniques, so marketers are evolving towards spending some time and effort, instead of heaps of money, to create affordable marketing efforts. If your business felt a financial crunch this year, you are far from alone. Guerilla marketing is a great way to promote you business in a big way, even if your marketing budget is dwindling.

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