If you’ve made the commitment to “Get Organized!” in 2012 — then you might have been exploring the many project management tools that are out there.

It can get absolutely overwhelming when you see all the tools out there and really hard to choose one.

Who should use project management tools and why

  • Sales people who are managing customers or key account projects. Project management tools will keep you on track and make sure your project gets done on budget and on time. Several CRM systems have project management features – but if you’re budget sensitive – consider using Manymoon for this application because it’s FREE and it allows you to see conversations that your team members have had about your project. So when you log in — you can see all the latest actions that have been going on.
  • Marketing managers?who are tracking marketing plans and marketing calendars. My favorite recommendation for this group is using SmartSheet. This is a free tool that is grounded in a spreadsheet format with pre-formatted?templates such as a Gantt chart. I love this feature for marketing plans, trade shows and product launches because it allows you to track and collaborate on tasks and budgets.

There are many more out there and to help you make sense of it — check out this very cool infographic that Diego Dacal from GetApp.com sent in. GetApp isamarketplace for online business software.