Content marketing is an extremely potent form of online marketing that brings the best of both worlds to business and consumers, providing value for both parties.Fresh ideas, concept words

Content, especially great content, is priceless for a business aiming to build its authority within it’s niche. It’s a smart strategy to share your expertise, ignite discussions, and welcome feedback that can be used to improve what your business has to offer and to build relationships with your consumers.

Other additional benefits of content marketing include:

? The opportunity to conduct a quality link building campaign for your business

? Create buzz before, during, and after a sales event

? Encourage word-of-mouth marketing from customers

? Provide stellar customer support and documentation for the industry

The only downside of content marketing is that it can take a great deal of time due to bottlenecks caused by its creation & implementation.

But there are ways to avoid this hold-up and double the ROI when conducting your content marketing.

Here are three strategies to spark a great return from your content efforts:

1. Develop and Utilize Content Syndication

Content, in itself, is only valuable if you’re able to deliver it to willing recipients that could use the information. You could, technically, create the most amazing piece of content the web may ever see, but if it falls on blind eyes it can’t compare to those that make the ?social rounds? and clamor to the top spots within search engines.

Content should be produced regularlybecause it gets community members to return to your website. The other equation to this story is whether you’re syndicating the content so it grows beyond the confines of your website.

Penalty or no penalty the point of content is to get it found, which is why you should consider reworking each and every piece you create and distributing it across platforms such as:

? PDF and document sharing websites

? Slideshow-type websites

? Torrent trackers and direct download communities

? Video

? Audio

? Text

? Infographics

The content you create does not need to remain in the media from which it was spawned. Syndicate the work by actively spreading and reworking every piece and you’ll guarantee to not only build links to your website but capture new members for your community (some of whom may become new customers).

2. Leverage Community Members and the Customer List

There are two groups that are ready and willing to aid your content marketing efforts:

? The community

? Your customers

Delivering exceptional value to your community and actively engaging members on a regular basis creates a layer of trust and authority with each individual; this transforms regular community members into vocal activists for your brand.

The community is itching their voice their opinion and expertise about the topics you cover which is prevalent whenever you receive a blog comment, email, or social media interaction.

All that’s required is handing over the “keys” to these individuals and allowing them to submit content.

The same benefit comes about when interacting with customers!

There are numerous ways to allow community members to participate:

? Guest blogging

? Contests

? Interviews

? Reviews

? Memberships

A firm collection of highly vocal brand ambassadors will become a content production machine. Reward active participation and you will see your link building efforts grow exponentially!

3. Create Smart Channels to Funnel Visitors

Content creation, and link building, is quite easy to comprehend and implement within any business or project but too many individuals fail to capitalize on their efforts because they forgot to include some form of outcome for their work.

You will notice this frequently when individuals start blogs, create a mass of content, but fail to ever earn a considerable amount of income because time goes to creation (but not sales).

Perhaps one of the best, complex forms of creating an ?ecosystem? is through the clever use of relevant channels as a source of leads and a highly-targeted landing page to improve conversions.

Here is an example that will help you understand content marketing a bit better:

  1. Look for guest posting opportunities: Research relevant websites and blogs within your industry, along with the type of content that does well within the community, in an attempt to deliver exceptional content via guest posting.
  2. Create a landing page:?Develop a targeted landing page is created specific to the usage of copy, graphics, and tone for leads you are receiving from the source website. You don’t need to be a programming wiz, you can use low-cost apps like UnBounce or if you’re using a WordPress blog, try the new OptimizePress theme.
  3. Share via social:?Combined efforts in sharing, commenting, and promotion leads many individuals to the content, which builds your expertise in the industry, and leads them to your website showing relevant information that eases them into your community.

The concept of using a content marketing strategy is simple but implementation may take some adjustments and a small learning curve. However, doing so will have profound benefits for your content marketing strategy and, ultimately, your ability to build quality links through your marketing efforts.

What content marketing strategies have you performed that showed exception returns on your investment? Share a comment!