You don’t often think of your business phone number as a marketing tool but it is.  Here are 8 ways your phone number can help you get and keep customers.

For small businesses, integrated marketing campaigns are no easy feat. Most business owners are experts in the products services they offer, and it’s hard to be expected to be expert marketers as well. Even if you are great at pitching your business, you have to work hard just to have an opportunity to tell your story.

But there is a secret weapon in lead generation that can help you get the edge you need to close your next sale: a personalized business phone number.

Stop Ignoring Your Business Phone

If you’re like most business owners, you spend more time picking out the paint color for your offices than you do selecting your business phone number. But you’re not a generic business, and a generic string of digits won’t deliver you the results that a custom number can. Your business number is an important brand and marketing asset, and if chosen wisely and used correctly, it will revolutionize your lead generation.

Increase Marketing Effectiveness.

Studies show that custom business phone numbers have higher recall rates than average. Even digital ads with custom numbers are more likely to be clicked than those with generic digits. ComScore reports that 63% of consumers complete a purchase offline after online search activity.

Phone Calls Are Proven Lead Generators

While people may cringe when it comes to answering calls for personal reasons, when your business phone rings, you know there is potential growth on the other end of the line. According to NewVoiceMedia’s 2018 Serial Switchers Survey,

Phone calls are a tried and true method for connecting with prospects to grow business and building loyalty with existing customers.

Phone Calls Convert Prospects to Customers

While most consumers spend time online researching before contacting a company, those who reach out by phone are more likely to convert to revenue. According to the 2015 Call Intelligence Index by Invoca, phone calls have a 30-50% conversion rate, versus 1-2% on web clicks. And that can go up, depending on your industry. Inbound called for real estate inquiries convert between 74-85% according to RingPartner’s 2017 Inbound call and Marketing Campaign Data Report.

Dominate Your Competition

A vanity phone number gives you an immediate competitive advantage against your competitors. You will stand out and snag the attention of your target audience with an eye-catching phone number. It’s visually pleasing, almost like a secondary logo on your marketing materials.

Custom Numbers Are Affordable

While custom business phone numbers are priced according to scarcity and popularity, RingBoost has memorable numbers for as low as $99. If you prefer toll-free numbers, a Shared Use model allows you to secure a super memorable number but pay only for your specific service area, with calls being automatically routed based on location of caller at time of call.

Personal Numbers Are Timeless

Unlike a website that needs to be rebuilt every few years to keep up with trends, your memorable phone number will retain its relevance. Phone numbers will never go out of style.

Works Across All Platforms

Your phone number is an applicable marketing tool in all outreach: online, in print, by voice – any medium you choose. We have customers that fly their custom phone numbers on banners behind planes! There is no marketing material that can not benefit from an unforgettable phone number.

Empowers Referrals

The best salesforce you could hope for is the one made up of all of the customers you’ve satisfied over the years. The easier it is for existing customer to refer you to their network of family, friends and acquaintances, the faster your business will grow. If you’ve done a great job and people trust you, make it easy for them to spread the word with a memorable number.

Business Phone Numbers Matter More Than Ever

Do not be deterred by thinking phone numbers are a thing of the past. In this digital age, phone numbers are only becoming more important. Do not forget that the mobile device in the hands of your potential consumers is called a smartphone. More inbound calls increase the opportunity for business growth in a way that web visits never can. Investing in a custom number will be the smartest marketing move you make this year.