In part one we talked about how to get a professional postcard created, designed and shipped out to your target customers. In the second part of the article we’ll talk about how to reuse that postcard across all major forms of social media, and how to use bits and pieces of the postcard to strategically brand your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

Using Your Postcard On Social Media

The major benefit of designing postcards and other printed materials is one many people don’t realize. By simply changing the file type, you can now use printed marketing on the web. All you have to do is convert it to a jpeg and put it your Facebook business page, Twitter account, LinkedIn and anywhere else you choose. It can also be used to blast out special offers to your customer base through email. That’s the advantage of printed materials vs. online materials, you can always take print online but the reverse isn’t true.

Here are some ways to use your postcard to brand across the social media spectrum

Facebook:?Save a smaller version of your postcard and post it to your company wall. If you don’t have Photoshop, or don’t want to bother with it, you can request the designer or crowdsourcer that created it shrink it down for web for you when it’s created. You can also usePic Monkeyto resize your postcard. Once it’s on your wall, run a promotion where you offer something of value (discount on the product, two for one, etc….) to fans who share it with their friends. This will create engagement with your customer base and is a great method of lead generation for those who choose to click on it. Another benefit of having already created the postcard is now you can use bits and pieces of it to create an engaging cover photo for your page. Use the headline, background and that stock photo you purchased to really make your page shine. You can read a ?great article about designing an eye catching cover photohere. You can also use a site likeFiverrto have a designer create it for you for just $5.

Twitter:?Remember how I suggested you create your postcard at 8.5″ x 5.5″? Here’s why. It’s a very simple process in Photoshop to turn off all the content layers with text and other images and just leave the background image. That background can now become your Twitter background, and your postcard is more than big enough to cover all common screen resolutions. Again, Fiverr is a great resource for this as well. Just provide the PSD file and tell them you want a Twitter background made from it.

YouTube:?That Twitter background you just made? Guess what? It also doubles as a background for your YouTube page. In fact you can use it on pretty much any website you want, including your company site (if it makes sense). Just make sure to fade out the bottom of the background so that when the user scrolls down the page there is a transition to the solid color specified in your html. The versatility of an 8.5″ x 5.5″ postcard makes it a wonderful solution for all web backgrounds, and turns your printed postcard into something much more valuable.

Email Your Postcard

Here’s another benefit of creating a printed postcard campaign. You can also email it out to all your lists. All you have to do is insert the jpeg into the email (don’t attach it, if you have to, literally drag the jpeg file into your email client) Then you can add a link to it. This link can go to your website or Facebook page, where you can further your interaction by getting them to share it. The possibilites are numerous. Just make sure that when you send out this email that you include some introductory text so that the email doesn’t get blocked as spam. Include a catchy headline from part 1 that will have them eager to turn on images and see what your email is all about.

So there you have it. We’ve not only created a postcard campaign to bring in new customers through traditional direct mail, we’ve now used that postcard across the social media platforms to get even more value for the money. This method can also be used for flyers. Just don’t try and use them as a website background unless they are in a horizontal format.

I hope this helps you see new ways to use marketing you already have, to reach a completely different customer base.

Now it’s your turn. What other ways can you repurpose printed marketing to increase your revenue?