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So you took the big leap into creating your own brand/business. You built a website, made a Facebook page, and even posted a meme on Instagram with a picture of Kevin Costner and the catchphrase, If you build it, he will come. You can wait for users to magically start visiting your website, or you can take action right now by reading the rest of this article.

The Only Two Ways to Build Traffic

There are only two ways to increase your traffic online and if anyone tells you otherwise, you should tell them to put their money where there mouth is. The first way is organic traffic through content. Organic traffic happens when you create blog posts, engage in social media, and increase your online presence. The second way is through paid traffic such as pay-per-click advertising. This requires money, and without a large budget there will not be a significant impact on your brand. Everyone has an opinion on how to spend money, but few people will tell you how to achieve results without spending a dime.

So how can you increase website traffic without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars? The secret is to create unique content that is relevant to your brand. Now you know the secret, but putting it into practice isn’t so simple. Suddenly your head feels empty as you stare at a blank page, looking for inspiration. Here’s my approach to producing specific content that can be leveraged for the greater good of the brand.

content calendar (1)

Step 1 Create a calendar and commit to developing a minimum of 2 pieces of content every week. What does this mean? Let’s do the math. There are 52 weeks in a year and you’re posting at least twice a week. That’s 104 posts in a year. I know it sounds like a lot and if you’re freaking out right now, you can talk to an agency about content development, or do it yourself.

Step 2 Use Google. Start Googling questions that you believe your product or service answers. The beauty of Google is that when you start typing in a question, Google bots will autofill the most popular questions that many, many people are searching for. This will help you find the most relevant content for your business. Write these questions down.

Step 3 Turn these questions into topics for your content. For example, if you’re starting a men?s fashion brand and you searched for men?s fashion trends, perhaps quality denim came up in the search engine. Create a compelling headline that is relevant to your audience and your brand by using popular keywords. 5 Tips on Buying Quality Denim? is a much better title than Where to Purchase Good Jeans.

iphone (1)

Once your list is built, it’s time to execute. This is where most people get freaked out and get stuck because of the magnitude of content. Do not be discouraged because each post is really only about 2 minutes of content that equals 500-600 words. If you want to do this in the smartest way possibly, grab your trusty iPhone, put it on a tripod, push record, and spew out as many entries as possible. If you’re like me you can record 20 entries in an hour. This should be organic so leave the teleprompter at home. Don’t have enough time to transcribe your thoughts? Go to and pay someone to do it. Then you can just cut the video into individual blog posts and schedule them on your content calendar. Want to incorporate some fun elements into your delivery? Try getting an animated graphic made by someone at Or upload your video into a vlog post directly to YouTube, one of the largest search engines in the world.

Stop-making-excuses-Just-Do-It (1)

However you decide to execute, the important thing is to get yourself out there and publish content. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it can be very simple when you utilize the right resources. Creating content is 100% necessary to for increasing web traffic without spending money. Keep building, and the traffic will come.

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