A business cannot be successful unless people know about it. Most people do not seek out a particular business if there are many others like it which are more visible. In all probability, they will deal with companies with which they are familiar. Promotion and advertising are vital for the success of any business – and there are various ways to accomplish this and achieve recognition. Participating in trade shows is a particularly effective method of promoting a business.

Business trade shows or exhibitions present a wealth of opportunities to promote businesses or products. Marketing representatives have a receptive audience at trade shows because those in attendance must be interested in the displays or they would not be there. You know how important it is for your audience to be receptive if you have ever attempted to discuss your products or business with someone who would rather be elsewhere.

Attract Attention

Attract people to your site with well-made banners on sturdy banner stands. Lightweight banner stands that are easy to assemble and take down will make packing and unpacking effortless, and carry bags for your banner stands will make transporting them easier.


While your display at a trade show is extremely important, it is equally essential to do some research and planning long before the event takes place. Determine which trade shows would be appropriate for your business, and when you select several, contact the organisers to ask for exhibitor?s information. Evaluate each show, the number of exhibitors who participate and the average number of buyers who normally attend the events. If possible, visit with a few business people who have taken part in the exhibition in past years, and ask for their opinions about the event.


After deciding to participate in a trade show, register as early as possible. Most organisers allow registration online or by post. Waiting to register until you arrive at the exhibition could mean standing in queues and filling out long forms before you’re able to set up your display.


Set goals for yourself and your staff. Invite everyone involved with your company’s success to make a list of goals to meet at the trade show in order of their importance. The discussions that follow should provide methods of achieving them and help everyone to focus on reaching the most crucial goals.


Advertise your attendance at the event by sending brochures to people in the area where the trade show will be and by announcing it on your website and to those on your email list. If you plan to have a contest or drawing to attract more people to your site at the show, advertise that too. Let everyone know where your site will be located in advance so they can find it easily.

Contests or Drawings

A contest or drawing is a great way to draw people to your display if they are aware of it. Require participants to appear in person to enter the contest or drawing while the prize should be related to your business or products. For example: if you sell nutritional, personal care and green cleaning products the prize could be multivitamins, body lotions or concentrated cleaners. You can let the winners choose from a list of prizes to ensure that they will use the items they win. You may gain some new customers if the winners are happy with the products. Keep the names of all the non-winners along with their contact information, and follow up with them shortly after the show.

Be Prepared

Bring plenty of supplies to the exhibit so you will not run out of important items like business cards and brochures. Make a list of everything you may need for success, and pack it up early so you will not forget something important because you have to rush.

Generate enthusiasm with everybody that will represent your company at the trade show. Make sure they are knowledgeable about the company and products so they can carry on intelligent conversations with interested prospects. Encourage them to be friendly with attendees instead of visiting among themselves. Rewarding the team-member who gets the most new customers or makes the most sales may be a good way to keep them motivated.

About the Author:? Thomas O’Rourke is an online business marketing writer who works on behalf of Marler Haley . They are experienced providers of banner stands for business fairs and exhibitions. If you’d like to find out more information about business exhibitions and promoting your business please feel free to get in touch.