If you’re reading an article on how to market your business online, then I’m assuming that whatever you’ve been doing hasn’t been working.

Don’t worry.  You’re Not Alone!

Our fascination with the internet and the World Wide Web dates back in the 90s. Back then, ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS) was easier. All you needed to rank was to have some content on the page. Nothing else much mattered.

What’s more, one didn’t require the technical know-how of rankings factors in order to be relevant to SERPs.

Nowadays, ranking on search engines like Google is getting harder with each passing day. Google makes thousands of changes each year that potentially impact how users find content they search for. According to Moz – an SEO Software company – in 2018, Google released a whopping 3,234 updates to their algorithm.

Needless to say, getting found on the web is proving akin to obtaining a Ph.D. in either mathematics or physics. It’s just that hard!

That being said, every entrepreneur knows the power of having an online presence for their business. In fact, ranking at the top of Google’s SERPs is the dream of every savvy entrepreneur. The amount of traffic you can potentially drive can give your business the lucky break it has been yawning for.

In today’s article, we are going to give you 7 tips on how you can market your business online.

Tip #1: Start blogging and post quality, engaging content periodically.

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Blogging is the easiest way to market your business online. Blogging allows you to post and share valuable content that your audience may be interested in.

While you shouldn’t expect the dividends to start rolling in immediately, blogging is a great strategy to make your online business stand out from the competition.

The ultimate goal of blogging is to become an authority in your niche. And when that happens, you’ll not only be able to garner the authority of consumers, the media, and owners of businesses alike, but search engines like Google may begin noticing and rewarding your efforts as well.

Tip #2: Post your content on platforms like Quora and Medium.

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One of the main reasons why a majority of businesses fail online is the failure to market their content on other platforms. They just write the content on their blogs and leave it at that. If your site lacks authority, chances are your content will never rank.

With a fresh new domain – one that is two years old or less, content marketing should be your #1 goal. Aim to market your content on sites like Quora, Medium, and even YouTube.

Why? These are sites that already have authority in the eyes of Google and will probably help give your content the exposure it deserves.

Don’t, however, expect to throw in a low-quality article and expect wonders. Make sure you always write long-form content that is keyword-optimized, unique, and packs a ton of value.

So, how will that help your own business? Well, by linking back to relevant content on your site from the content you post on those authority sites. This will not only help enlarge your existing audience but may also help you gain some traction on SERPs.

Tip #3: Join and offer insightful contributions on niche forums.


Many people approach this strategy the wrong way. They join forums, drop spammy links, and then wonder why they end up being booted off the forums. No one likes spam, and moderators will be quick to flag useless comments.

As a serious marketer, your goal should be to add value whenever a chance presents itself. Chat with others. Share your knowledge. Offer helpful answers and suggestions. Doing so will enable you to stand out as knowledgeable and fellow forum members may even begin following you and looking forward to your contributions.

So, how will doing this help your own online business? Well, many forums allow sharing of links to other sites, as well as placement of links on one’s own signature. This will give you an opportunity to link out to your own site.

Remember, though, not to direct people to your own site at every bend and turn. It looks suspicious and may attract the attention of moderators.

Tip #4: Collaborate with popular bloggers in your niche.

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Collaborating with other bloggers in your niche can also help market your business online. This is especially true if you have something that can add value to their posts.

One way to collaborate is by offering to guest blog on their site. While it may be difficult to do so in popular blogs, it’s worth every shot. Having good writing skills can really help in this regard.

Tip #5: Make use of rich snippets.

Doing so can help you gain some bit of traction with the content you have on your site. Rich snippets can apply to different content forms. Including, reviews, recipes, music, videos, movies, TV, and local businesses.

While rich snippets won’t directly affect your rankings, they do offer many benefits. They can help drive more traffic, increase your click-through-rate, and attract more attention to your page.

Besides rich snippets, you may also want to try out Facebook Instant Articles (FBIA) or Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) as well.

Tip #6: Engage in email marketing.

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This is something that every serious business owner should engage in. While not an easy feat, it can help you establish authority in your field.

So, what exactly is email marketing? Basically, this marketing strategy involves sending emails to prospects and customers. Your goal should be to inform, persuade, and win the loyalty of your subscriber base that’s interested in your services or products.

When done well, email marketing can be lucrative. In fact, for every $1 you spend, you should expect an ROI of $42.

Tip #7: Leverage the power of social media influencers.

Social media can be a powerful way of marketing your business online, no doubt. It can potentially help you reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of people all around the world.

To reach this audience, though, you need the right influencers to help get your message out to them. While this can cost you a pretty penny, it has the potential to give you direct, instantaneous access to an audience you otherwise would’ve never accessed.

Marketing your business online is a great way to get your brand noticed. Nowadays, it’s no longer a choice, but rather a necessity. Use these 7 tips to help establish yourself as a voice of authority and a reliable industry expert.