I’ve never been one of these people who gets all passionate about causes. Don’t get me wrong; I care about the environment, I care about animals and little children all over the world — I just don’t have that special tug at the heart and mind that inspires me to get on a soapbox about that and commit time and money to the project.

UNTIL NOW!? I’ve Found my Cause and….

IT’S YOU and YOUR Business Success in 2009!

It dawned on me when I was putting together the press release for the DIYMarketers and Toilet Paper Entrepreneur 3-Sheet Strategy Workshop (Which I’m sure you’ve registered for already — I mean at $49 for having your strategy DONE for 2009 — killer deal).

I didn’t want to promote this thing as “Register for MY workshop—“? Because — I realized it wasn’t really ABOUT ME and the success of the workshop — it was really about YOU!? I’m not just saying that either. Of course I want to be successful in my business — so do you. But NONE of us can succeed if we all lay down in this economy. We can’t succeed if we’re still running the same marketing process and strategy — because the environment has changed. LOTS of things have changed in the last year. Government has turned over; what was important last year isn’t important this year.

YOU CAN’T BE RUNNING THE SAME STRATEGY – so don’t even think about it. If that’s the case – then WHAT?

That brings me right back around to my cause – which I would appreciate if you’d spread around (only if you feel the same way).

I’m looking for anywhere from 50 to 100 businesses who want to be heroes in this economy. If you’re saying that can’t be you – well then it won’t be and Mike Michalowicz (Donnie Deutsch’s small biz expert — yeah, you read that right)? and I will be featuring someone else.

Let me talk about how I envision this project:

  1. Register for the site and download the 3-Sheet Strategy Worksheet. This is freakin’ FREE – so download the sheet and give it a try. If you’re like me and feel lonely through this process – well, then join us for the TPE 3-Sheet Strategy Sessions.
  2. Small Businesses register for the 3-Sheet Strategy. To have a crack at this, you have to register for this session. It’s a 3-hour tele-seminar on Feb 6. It costs $49 (and if you use “DIYM” in the promo code you’ll get another $5 off. You’ll have a strategy and plan done in 3 hours. But forget all that — you’ll be networked in with a community of people who will want to help you – we will work together we will help each other — straight from the heart. A_holes need not apply – we don’t want you. We want people who are committed to growing their business and sharing their ideas with others.
  3. Join the 1 on 1 coaching sessions – that’s 30 days of 1 on 1 coaching with Mike, Ivana and anyone else we think you might need to talk to. (pssst – take a look at the right hand margin of this page – — see it?)? CLICK. Once you have your plan – we will actually help you work it, hold you hand, kick your ass — whatever is required to make you successful. As far as Mike and I are concerned failure is NOT an option. Once you commit to this process – we are here for you.
  4. Implement your marketing plan on DIYMarketers. The next step will be to implement your plan on DIYMarketers. I have a forum all set up for the people who hear the same calling of success in 2009. I’ve got vendors and resources (my special friends) that have a stake in your success as well.

Now comes the fun part of my vision…You guys know I’m a guest expert on Small Business Trends. I write book reviews, I pull together DIY Marketing articles for the Marketing Tips Section sponsored by HP and I’m also a guest expert via SmallBizTrends on the AMEX open Forum blog. All of these blogs need CONTENT and stories about businesses that are doing it right. Business owners all over the world want to know what works, what you’re doing, why and HOW.

Why shouldn’t those stories be about YOU? I don’t know – but the only way they CAN be about YOU is if you let me know who you are!? So this is my call to action for those of you that want to OPT OUT of this economy –

Pass this post on – tell your business buddies – register, participate and play the most exciting game of all – the one where you, your business, your friends and family have a kick ass successful and fun 2009!