From the last time we met, we went over what interactive content was, types of interactive content, how the quiz was one of the most innovative, and briefly, how to create your own quiz. Today, we’ll be picking up where we left off, but as a DIY marketer, it’s time that we went over several more things to do for yourself when creating your own quiz.

personality (1)Content Marketing has become the most important trend in 2015, and as the year comes to a close, it’s high time that we take advantage of it so we can start strong for the coming year. Among the various types of content available at our fingertips, we’ve discussed how effective social media quizzes were in any marketing strategy. As long as you take the time to conceptualize a means of implementing a quiz, you’re on the right track.

We already know that quizzes are one of the most underrated types of content out there, but what many might not know, would be the amount of work that goes behind something so simple. In order for you to get the most out of your quiz, we’ll take you behind the scenes on what it takes to create the perfect quiz.

Brainstorming For The Perfect Title

In the previous article, we touched based on the types of quizzes available to us. Those two types are the Personality Quiz and the Knowledge Test. But before we can even move forward with a quiz type, we have to come up with a title.

A quiz lives and dies by its title. The title of a quiz is what determines whether a reader will take it or not. That being said, it goes without saying that our first impression is going to have to count. Coming up with a title isn’t easy. You have way too many choices, and finding the right one that resonates with your audience can be tricky.

Let’s say for instance your brand specializes in delivering bakery-style treats at the doorstep of any nearby home or office. Obviously, you could come up with a title like Which Cupcake Are You? But you aren?t a brand that focuses on delicious treats. That’s why, we’ve come up with several title templates to help you brainstorm your own:

  • The Actually? Title – Compare the question How much do you know about Star Wars? with How much do you actually know about Star Wars? You might not have noticed it, but the addition of the word actually? can really change the anatomy of a question. You’ve just transformed a boring old title into that of a challenge, and who would honestly back down from a challenge?
  • The Which (Blank) Are You? Title – This is the most popular variant to a quiz title that you’ll come across. You’ll often find quizzes asking an audience which (blank) they are. You can easily substitute the blank for a Disney character, some kind of food, or even a type of music. Your choices are infinite, and if your brand specializes in particular products or services, you can easily use that in your title.
  • The Which Celebrity Are You? Title – Take the above template and replace the (blank) with a celebrity or celebrities of your choosing. People can easily relate to celebrities. Probably not because of their lifestyle, but because of their popularity. Consider using this template if you want to garner an audience that is easily starstruck.

The Best Kinds of Quizzes

There isn’t necessarily a best? kind of quiz, but there are quizzes that have been more successful than others. As we’ve discussed before, the two types of quizzes we’re looking at are the Personality Quiz and the Knowledge Test, but there are often variations to these quiz types depending on how someone creates them. These variations are:

  • The Preference Quiz – For instance, while the personality quiz can be used to categorize people into personality types, what about creating categories that offered personalized product recommendations based on the answers? It’s a whole new twist on the personality quiz in where it naturally becomes a preferential type, personalizing the entire shopping experience.
  • The Assessment – We know the Knowledge Test can gauge how much someone knows about any given subject, but what if we were to use it as a way of qualifying leads? Now that’s a new approach to this quiz type. Rather than creating a quiz to see how much someone knows about something, you could use the assessment as a means of measuring maturity for a variety of things: software, the current state of marketing, etc.

We’ve just added two more quiz types to the list, and that still doesn’t answer the question of which quiz is the best. In all honesty, it depends on the audience you’re catering to. The Personality Quiz is the most common that you’ll find on social media, so if you’re trying to replicate that kind of a success, that would be the one we’d suggest.

Raising The Bar On Audience Engagement

As marketers, engagement is nearly everything. The warmer the lead, the easier it is for us to close the deal. But even if we can warm our leads up via marketing automation or through personal follow-ups, the initial amount of warmth we apply to these leads has roots that go as far back as the questions to your quiz.

As we’ve talked about before, the questions to your quiz are your one-on-one connection to your audience as a brand. How you approach them during this phase is crucial to how they approach your lead capture and the following emails that come after. If you really want to increase the level of engagement, be a part of your quiz. Literally inject your personality into it. Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Body Language Through Your Quiz – Talk to your audience as if you were sitting right across from them at a table or standing right next to them at a bar. Keep it casual. You want to establish a more relaxed setting that will ease them into the idea of opting in.
  • It’s All About Presentation – Unless you still have the immense imagination of a child, use images in your quiz. Pictures easily break up the monotony of plain text, and you add a visual level of value. You’re able to paint pictures for your audience if you do this.
  • Don’t Be Boring – There’s nothing more boring than having to listen to another one of Uncle Jerry?s long anecdotes. Unless you really are assessing someone through your quiz and you want to dissect their thoughts for more than 5 minutes, you’re going to want to keep things short.

What Makes Quizzes So Good At Lead Generation?

It’s the tradeoff.

Rather than showing up on someone’s landing page and being prompted to join someone’s mailing list for updates or a newsletter, quizzes establish a fair trade. At a quick glance, your audience sees the quiz as a fun and interactive piece.

Regular people don’t see quizzes as a form of content that’s meant to create leads for marketers. People click on quizzes because their inquisitive nature drives them to. Your audience wants to find out what kind of results they can get in the end, and trading their contact information hardly seems like a trade at all.

What makes quizzes so good at generating leads is the sheer idea that after inputting an email address, people experience the joy of instant gratification as they’re greeted with their results. Marketers are then able to follow up on these leads as their audience shares their results on social media, prompting even more interaction with an even larger audience.

It’s a chain reaction of sorts, and until the popularity of a quiz dies down, you’re going to see your email list grow as more and more people take your quiz. They’re infectious. If done right, your results will evoke positive emotions, and in turn, these emotions will promote sharing.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

And there you have it. As simple as a quiz seems in nature, they’re a lot more complex than we thought. A lot goes into a quiz, and if you want to create one that goes as viral as the ones Buzzfeed pushes out, you’re going to have to put a little bit of effort into your work.

Brainstorming for the perfect title is crucial. Your quiz?s initial impression will rely on title that you come up with. While the Personality Quiz is one of the more popular quizzes available, don’t write the others off as quickly. Use the type of quiz that best suits your brand and its audience.

Engagement is important, and in order for you to properly engage your audience and establish that initial warmth to these potential leads, you have to approach them in an incredibly impersonal manner. Quizzes are the best at generating leads, and the sole reason for this is what your audience is getting out of it.

Hopefully, you were able to walk away with a little more today in addition to what you already know. This might just enable you to fortify a quiz you’ve been working on, or it just might give you that head start you’ve been looking for.