People learn in different ways which is why Howard Gardner came up with the 7 different learning styles. If you want to communicate your message effectively and engage your audience, your content marketing strategy should cater different types of people. In this episode, we’re going the importance of understanding the different learning styles and how you should incorporate them into your content marketing.

Our guest today is Educational Psychologist and Coach, Dr. Dorrie Cooper.  On Twitter, you know her as @SittingPretty and today she’s going to pull the proverbial curtain back on how we learn and why it’s so important to connect to specific learning styles in our content.


In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Understanding The Different Learning Styles
  • How to Identify Your Learning Style
  • Specific Type of Information for a Specific Type of Media
  • Why Do We Have Different Learning Styles?
  • Tips and Strategies to Identify Other’s Learning Style
  • Obstacles That Come up With Creating Content for Different Learning Styles



“Many people can remember something if it’s told to them when once or twice. THe other side to that is that many people are becoming visual-dependent.”

“We can do things not just in the standard way of marketing.”

“There’s a lot of possibilities in digital marketing.”

“If they are just retweeting, chances are – they’ve read your tweet and want to amplify it. But the people that comment are actually reading what you have to say.”

“We need to create content for different types of learning styles.”

“If you are with a customer, you can look at their body language.”

“You need to figure out what kind of information is going to be most effective for your customer.”

“Ask for feedback for a specific service.”

“A GIF is a great way to add some emphasis.”


Links and Resources Mentioned:

Dr. Dorrie’s Website

Using Learning Styles in Your Content Marketing to Reach Consumers

Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner

Creating Content for the Three Learning Styles

Howard Gardner: ‘Multiple intelligences’ are not ‘learning styles’

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