If you’re a DIY Marketer like me, then you’ll want to keep reading. I’ve been working with the folks at OneCoach, a small business building team that’s dedicated to helping 1 million small businesses grow and achieve their goals.

OneCoach CEO, John Assaraf is the author of “The Answer” a wonderful book that outlines how the brain works and how you can use the Law of Attraction and the 7 Natural Laws to build a healthy and profitable business.

The Business Momentum Club is the entry-level program. It’s a DIY program that you sign up for and run through on your own. They offer support calls where you can chat with OneCoach experts and ask questions. But that’s not really the best part. My favorite part of this program is that it also offers DVDs, CD, and meditations that will help you re-write your old brain programming to accept these new goals you’ve set for yourself.

They are offering a KILLER deal: $1 for first 14 days, then $97 per month afterwards. If your business isn’t doing what you want it to be doing – instead of twiddling your thumbs or freaking out – you can get into serious action in the 14 days and get results. Not only that — the $97 per month is a steal considering how much content is out there.

I’m doing the program right now and will be reporting on it as I go. So keep reading.