Promotional products have been around since the beginning of time and yet, many business owners and marketers struggle with finding the right promotional product either for a trade show or for their day-to-day marketing purposes.

An effective way of expanding and building brand aware is through the distribution of promotional products. These can include such items as pens, mugs, t-shirts,display standsand key rings, as they are all practical and will thus get a lot of use. This allows for increased exposure in a natural and effective manner when an item is emblazoned with a company’s name or logo. Items such as these are relatively inexpensive and so can be seen as a worthwhile investment, with a company being able to distribute to a wide audience. Whenever an individual puts one of these products to use, they will be reminded of the company who gave it to them. This means the end user will be unlikely to forget the company’s name or the products/services they provide any time soon.

If a company gives a promotional product to an existing customer, this could be interpreted as a reward for their continued loyalty. This could serve as a deterrent for the customers to take their business elsewhere. It might help the customer feel valued and appreciated, which means the implementation of promotional items can be extremely effective.

Visual appeal is also an important factor to consider. To attract the most attention and be as effective as possible, the product should feature an attractive, professional looking logo in addition to bright colours if relevant. Businesses can benefit massively if products brandishing their logo/identity are visually appealing and attention-grabbing especially when distributed towards a large target audience.

A regular distribution of promotional products can provide brand image with a significant boost, which can very well result in higher company sales. Consumers will generally take their business to generous, trustworthy businesses. Not only this, but they can also educate customers on the business? products and services. All in all, promotional products can be a highly effective marketing tool for any business.

Check out this infographic and see if you get any clearer on the topic — I’m making a copy for myself and pasting it on a wall!