If you are like me then you are constantly using email to market to and communicate with your customers/leads. I send hundreds (if not more) emails a week. I love getting replies to my emails (I always use my email address as the reply to, since email is a low cost way to begin a conversation.)

I’ve recently come across a new tool that really has been helping me when customers actually reply to my emails – Rapportive. This tool works only if you are using Gmail, which my firm does. Basically, it looks at the email address in the email you are reading and searches across LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networks for that individual. It has really helped me know who the person emailing me is – fast! Here is a screen shot of an email from Ivana Taylor, the editor of DIYMarketers.com:

Look at all that great info – her job positions, location and recent Twitter updates! It’s very handy if you are using email as a primary vehicle for communicating with customers. And it is free! It has been very helpful to me as I’ve begun email marketing to accountants who have signed up for my company’s new product (a bookkeeping software product – and of course it is helpful if people are asking me questions about our scanner software too!)Since I’ve been collecting email addresses from bookkeepers interested in signing up for the software, but have never really interacted with them before, knowing who is replying to me quickly is very, very powerful.