I just saw a stat that made me gasp and cry — over 670,000 businesses threw in the towel or declared bankruptcy in 2010! And do you know why? Because they didn’t have enough information about their customers or products to make good decisions. This kind of information often comes from doing some basic market research.

But a lot of small businesses think they either don’t know how or can’t afford to run a simple survey. Well – that excuse is now GONE.

I just found out about this and literally sat down at the computer this morning to tell you about it – because you all know I can’t pass up a good deal.

QuestionPro – the leading online survey tool for small business — has dropped their prices and get this — they are offering UNLIMITED online surveys for FREE. I know – it’s crazy but it’s true.

If you are still using Survey Monkey and wished that it had a little more functionality, then you will certainly want to check this out.

But first — check the offer:

Free Surveys


There — you see that — UNLIMITED FREE surveys. The only limitation is that you can only get 100 responses. I can tell you as a marketing professional who does market research and customer research daily – this will cover MORE than 80% of any small businesses survey needs.

I’m not sure why they are doing this — they obviously didn’t ask me. But if they did, I would tell them that they shouldn’t drop their price. Mainly because this online survey tool is LOADED with features.

  • You can do mobile (create one survey and it automatically changes to fit any screen)?
  • FUN, cool and powerful question types like “drag and drop”, star ratings, picture uploads (like you would to Facebook) and my favorite the Importance/Satisfaction question – which I think is the ONLY question you need to set strategy.
  • You can gather survey responses offline — OH and don’t call them survey responses — call they LEADS. Create a series of questions, and use their SurveyPocket app to collect leads, their preferences and their contact info at networking events and conferences.

There are tons more features out there – and I encourage you all to check it out.