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Did you start your business so that you could “control your destiny”? Maybe you just wanted to spend more time doing what you loved.  But then, as soon as you shifted your hobby into a business, all of that changed. In fact, the time and attention you spend working in or on your business has probably sucked the joy right out of your vision. It doesn’t have to be that way. There are tools to help. And Sortly Pro is one of them. Sortly helps with inventory management,

We all know managing inventory is not super fun.  It’s not as fun or sexy as marketing, but it has to be done.  And, when it’s not done, it takes away from all of those fun activities that make your business worth doing.

In fact, when your inventory is in a state of chaos, it impacts your customers’ experience.  Late deliveries and being out of stock can be expensive mistakes. They end up increasing your costs because you’re ordering more of something you have but you can’t find.  Let’s not even get into the hidden hours and costs that you and your staff spend looking for things. You guys could even be wasting time and money managing things by hand that technology can do for you.

I’m telling you all of this because — I was THERE. I’ve been there in my own business as well as with several of my clients.

That’s when I heard about Sortly Pro.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the folks at Sortly. Of course, this was just as I was pulling my hair out over some inventory issues.  When I got on a call with them to do the demo the first thing out of my mouth was “Where were you three months ago when I was filling out this stupid spreadsheet and trying to track all my stuff by hand?!”

Well, here they are! I wanted to share this super quick demo with you because I don’t want you to say the same thing.

Sortly Pro Demo – (Affordable Inventory Management App)

A few quick tips on getting started with Sortly Pro

I know you’re pretty excited right now. Who would’ve thought you’d ever be excited about inventory management. But before you go off and download apps and start zapping pictures of inventory, please save yourself a few headaches. And follow these simple tips:

  1. Take a minute to think about one simple thing you want to track in your inventory.  For me, it was trade show furniture and materials.  So focus on ONE thing.
  2. Think about how you want to organize these items.  One service business organized their inventory by focusing on what materials and parts were in each of their vans.  If you’re a retail business, you might choose a specific product type or maybe a room in your store.  So think in terms of rooms, vans, or locations.
  3. FIRST — open a trial Sortly Pro account on their website.  THIS is where the organizing happens.
  4. After you have organized a few folders, download the free Sortly Pro app and then you can start taking pictures and playing around with all the need features such as moving inventory from one folder (room) to another.

That’s all there is to it. And yeah, you can thank me later. Or thank the fine folks at Sortly Pro for their amazing inventory management technology.