How small businesses can reach customers on their mobile phone is a topic that continues to take center stage in marketing discussions everywhere, and it should. With mobile adoption hitting points of saturation in the U.S. and continuing to grow throughout the rest of the globe, it’s never been clearer that mobile is here to stay.

In the U.S. alone, the number of mobile phones in circulation outnumbers the size of the entire population. Smart, small businesses everywhere are asking how they can build and grow their business by tapping into their customers? most coveted device. Today we’ll review three actionable ways you can deploy a winning mobile approach for your small business.

Look at Your Website Through Different Lenses

Before you begin carrying out any mobile marketing strategy, the first thing you need to do is look at your company’s website. Don’t look at it from a desktop or laptop; look at it from your mobile phone. Just because your website loads on your device doesn’t mean you’re in the clear just yet. One of the most important components to a great web experience is how your site renders and looks on the mobile phone. Your site must be designed and developed with a mobile first? mindset. Consider building your website using responsive design. A responsive design will ensure that only the most optimized layout and critical visuals are served to the customer browsing your site, regardless of device type.

Choose a Mobile Engagement Strategy

Now that you have the most crucial mobile piece complete, your mobile-friendly website, it’s time to choose a mobile tool to engage with your customers apps or text message marketing? There’s a lot to consider when picking an engagement platform, including your overall goals and customer base.


Let’s first look at the app landscape. Right now, there are more than 1 billion apps available for download from various app marketplaces, making it difficult for any app to be competitive and stand out from the crowd. App builders claim that a strong, successful app can cost up to $1 million to build and market. But even if an app is downloaded, studies show that 26 percent of them are abandoned almost immediately. If you intend to build a dialogue with your customers, drive more foot traffic to your business, and increase sales, consider the pros and cons of building and distributing an app versus other avenues that take advantage of the mobile channel.

SMS or Text Message Marketing

Text marketing or SMS marketing can be likened to a more personal form of email marketing without the clutter. One of the major selling points and benefits of a text message marketing campaign is that you’ll start seeing the fruits of your labor far more quickly than many of the other forms of mobile marketing. This method is compatible with all phones, there’s no app to download, and you can feel confident knowing your customers received and opened your message. Setting up and launching a text message marketing program is easy: sign up with a text marketing service, set up your campaign, encouraging your customers to join, and if you’re trying to look good and send pictures and video alongside your text messages.

Take Action and Start Marketing

Creating a mobile campaign or strategy is only half the battle. Making your customers aware of your mobile program is the second half. Get out there and promote your program.

With text marketing, wherever you decide to promote you program, it’s critical to include compelling callouts, or calls-to-action, with special incentives and perks for customers to join.

Some surefire ways for any small business to build awareness around a text-related campaign include: placing signage in your establishment, adding messaging on printed receipts, posting about it on your social channels, and stamping it on your website. Some great ways to entice people to join your mobile campaign include: instant discounts, exclusive VIP access (perfect for nightclubs) and insider?updates.

The more customers who join your mobile database, the greater your potential results!