Just about once a week, people I chat with, meet with or present with ask me about how they can use Facebook to draw more customers and clients into their business.

I don’t sell myself as a Facebook authority, so that’s why I’m so happy that my friend and colleague, Ramon Ray has just published a book which will be available on February 19, 2013!

What The Facebook Guide to Small Business Marketing Has for YOU

I won’t lie — you know I saw the title of this book and thought —another Facebook Guide for Small Business? ?Really? Is there anything that hasn’t been said about how to use Facebook for Small Business?

After reading my review copy of Ramon Ray’s book, I will tell you that it’s not what’s been said or not said — it’s how well using Facebook for Small Business is explained in this particular book.

For one thing — Ramon Ray is a practitioner. That means that he’s a real small business owner and he uses Facebook to drive clients and attendees to his events. Not only that, but he has clients and customers who run small businesses and who have successfully used Facebook to grow their business. What this means is that this book isn’t written by social media experts, nor is it written by professional writers — it’s written by small business owners just like you – who have tried and succeeded and tried and failed. You get the benefit of both.

Another thing I really liked about this book is how to-the-point and in-your-face practical it is. You could simply open your computer to Facebook, start reading and actually put the strategies to use as you work. I’ve always been a big fan of that kind of book.