“Boost your sales skills and effectiveness as you track-change, learn new methods, and deepen your understanding of what it takes to compete today, especially with larger enterprises.”

On Thursday October 28, 2010 I’m going to be part of an amazing event that no small business owner should miss — The Focus Interactive Summit.

This is a completely online event specifically for small business owners, entrepreneurs and decision makers from every area of small business. If you’re looking for breakthrough ideas on how to grow sales online or you need to understand what IT technologies you’ll need in the next year — this is where you want to be.

Get Great Insight and Advice from the Experts

The day begins at 9:00am PT/12:00 ET with Fran Tarkenton. He’ll be speaking about “The Enduring Entrepreneur: How SMBs will Save the Economy”

Tarkenton will be followed by Anita Campbell from Small Business Trends, who will be giving SMBs a “Survival Guide of 10 Proven Strategies”

Shashi Bellamkonda, the social media swami, will be speaking about “Connecting with Customers Through New Social Media Channels”

And then I (Ivana Taylor) will be sharing my tips for “Going Big Online – 10 Web Strategies to Make Your Business Look Bigger”.

The event is FREE – So Register for the Focus Interactive Summit TODAY!