Typography has a huge impact on any written content, both online and offline. Not only does the font matter but it does give an added edge to your content and website design.

Any writer can convey the message they want to but to convey it effectively is what makes the difference. Words along with a suitable font will ensure that you convey your message and readers are interested to read more of your content. This will help you increase the traffic of your website without even you noticing it.

It’s more of a background process which helps readers to get addicted to your site just because of the beautiful font you have used.

There have been a lot of web design updates in the last year, but you need to know what the current trends in Typography are and how these trends can help make your website more appealing and drive more traffic.

Before I start with the best typography, I’d like to ask these two questions which will certainly get your thought process running.

How do you know the right font for the right content?

Unless you’re a designer, trying to make sense out of the subtleties of “font psychology” can seem daunting.  I’ve pulled together a few resources that I think will help.

Neil Patel put together this simple Infographic that will point you in the right direction:

Rather than simply picking something you like consider your marketing message (how do you want your audience or customers to see you?).

Based on experience, you will learn to use more suitable fonts to increase the readers and traffic to your blogs or website. However, you could experiment a bit to find out how the current reader views your website. Put yourself in their shoes to judge which would make you feel better to read and understand.

You have various options to find new fonts.

  • With the right tools, draw fonts yourself
  • Download fonts at no cost online
  • Google has various fonts inbuilt
  • Custom made fonts are available or you could hire a professional to do the same

All of these sound a bit daunting, I know. That’s why I’m going to show you some up and coming trends in typography for 2018 and 2019 that will help you make any adjustments.

Top 10 trending Beautiful Typography

1. Variable Fonts

A variable font is a single font that actually behaves like multiple fonts.  Think of it as a font with multiple personalities.

With efforts from 4 giants Apple, Google, Microsoft and Adobe Variable fonts was designed. This font does justice to its name since it acts like a multiple font file even though it’s a single font file type. The main reason being, extend glyph widths lightly, increasing only your favorite font’s height just a touch at small sizes, shaping your brand typeface in ways the designer does.

Variable fonts are a great choice for web design because they actually take up very little space

“A variable font is a single binary with greatly-reduced comparable file size and, hence, smaller disc footprint and web font bandwidth. This means more efficient packaging of embedded fonts and faster delivery and loading of web fonts.” — John Hudson

2. Handwriting Lettering

As the name suggests, a handwritten font with scripts will be available for you to use. This font provides that personal touch you need to convey to your readers. With added style and elegance to the letter, this lettering was designed. Hand-drawn font style gives you that free flow reading for the readers.

When to use a handwritten font:

In short, use handwritten fonts sparingly.  When in doubt, don’t.

  • Logos: Handwritten fonts are ideal to communicate a specific personality with typography.
  • Social media graphics: Using a handwritten font in your social media will personalize your share and make it fun.
  • Promotional materials: Handwritten fonts are ideal for promotional itesm such as T-shirts, pens, etc.

3. Watercolor Fonts


You could address this font as a Brush font as well since a paintbrush is all you need to design this font.

When to use watercolor fonts: 

  • Use them as a background for your content.
  • A frequent use would be the company logo or the brand as background.
  • Social media graphics
  • T-Shirts, Hats and other promotional items

This playful and humanistic approach gives your design a painted look.

4. B&B Big and Bold


When you need to say something that describes your product or the company itself; you should be using the Big and Bold font.

When you use a big and bold font:

  • Use this font for company mottos, or favorite phrases used repeatedly, or a catchy phrase describing a limited period offer.
  • This is also a great font for signs and posters

5. Custom Typefaces

Customized fonts for every occasion, every festival, and every product release. This Custom typeface finds its importance in logo designs, brand or trademark of a company. With unique and diverse designs, these typeface fonts will give you that unique and outstanding difference from the common crowd.

6. Geometric Fonts

Geometry has been used in designs for decades. You just don’t realize it’s there. Every alphabet in English can be altered by applying geometrical shapes. You just need to observe carefully to find the shapes embedded in the font to know it’s a geometry font.

7. Mix it up – Font Duo

Using multiple fonts on your website will let the creative side take over. You can use multiple fonts at various sectors on your website make it more interesting for the viewers. All you need to know here is which font looks good with which content. As long as you can determine that subtle difference, you are good.

8. Text over Images

It’s not so uncommon to see text over an image but using text over an image that appreciates it is a rare occurrence. You need to know what font goes well with the image and if image in has words, you need to take that into consideration while selecting your font.

You don’t have to be a professional designer to get these things right.  There are several tools that offer professionally designed templates such as Canva.com and Adobe Spark.

9. Responsiveness

This is a recent trend in the market for responsive fonts due to the various devices being used to access your website. A font that looks good on your desktop might not look good on a mobile phone. So, a responsive or an intuitive font style will help you resolve this issue.

10. Image over Text

You can get a really interesting visual effect by adding double exposure which allows you to showcase an image right in your text. Due to this eye-catching feature, graphic designers, photographers and web designing companies opt for this typography. The way you look at the text will have a unique effect on the reader’s perspective.

A few more fonts which are available for you with wide options and features are:

11. BAJT font

BAJT Font is a  unique font style which has uppercase characters along with numbers and a lot of punctuations. This is useful in designs for display, illustrations, logos, t-shirts and much more. This is a caps-only font, so be sure that you know all its features before you go ahead and download the font.

12. Zelda Script

A feminine touch and elegance can be seen in this font. This font is usually seen in weeding cards, gift cards, branding and many more places. With its ornamental character feature, you could very well use these to design websites for a fashion industry or a jewelry business.

13. Quam Font

A futuristic design suited for brand or editorial purposes. This is often used in open type features due to its condensed and squared appearance. This offers a lot of options to the designers to mix and match multiple fonts with this one to make their work look better.

14. Nround Font

It’s available with 3 different thickness, a minimalistic design suited for subtle yet convincing content. It’s a modern approach with all caps showcasing the fonts to a different level on your content. This also a caps only font, so you would need to know before you download it.

15. Mokoto Glitch Typeface Font

This is a new concept font with multilayered typeface design. You could experience a glitch effect when you look at this font. Something different and unique designs inspired from modern art and system error messages, this font was born. With 4 font layer, you could make all the changes like any other font.

Final Thoughts

With the trends and market wave hitting the New Year soon, you have seen the different types of emerging and futuristic fonts available for your use. Do experiment a little with the font to get better results, if something doesn’t feel right, go ahead and change the font. Mix and match fonts to find that right combination that your creative minds feel satisfied with. Do let us know more about the market trend shifts for the upcoming year 2018!