Why a Manifesto is Better for Entrepreneurs than a Mission and Vision Statement

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DIYMarketers is always thrilled to receive guest posts from members of our community — entrepreneurs, small business owners and marketing professionals. Being that today is Independence Day – I thought you’d appreciate this article from fellow DIYMarketer?Tamara Kleinberg.

You have a brilliant business idea and you are ready take the plunge and become an entrepreneur. The first question you’ll often get is, Do you have a mission and vision statement that clearly defines your business goals, objectives, and target market? Your answer should be, No, I have a manifesto!?

Here is the difference between a mission and vision statement and a manifesto.

As you know, the vision defines where you are going and the mission describes how to get there. First of all, not inspiring. Second, in today’s fast-paced world, both the vision and mission need to be flexible. The vision for your business when you start will not be the same once it meets the real world. You will have to refine and alter how you think about your business. The same is true for the how. How you execute your ideas today will change drastically tomorrow, and that’s how it should be. The best businesses are flexible and nimble. They aren?t focused on the how and where, instead they are focused on the why and a manifesto is all about the why.

The manifesto is your foundation. It is a set of beliefs you hold so deeply that they can’t help but guide you. Your manifesto informs the decisions you make, the actions you take, and the trails you blaze. A manifesto is a way of life.

Find something you believe in so strongly that it physically pulls you in that direction. Great entrepreneurs and sideways thinkers use their manifesto to drive the businesses they lead.Sideways thinkers who have a vivid manifesto also have an unavoidable gravitational pull. People can’t help but be drawn to them. People want to be around them, to be a part of their disruptive dreams

To help guide you through the manifesto process, I want you to check out the following links. They go to manifestos from companies that are thriving in today’s competitive, cutthroat world, companies that are known and loved by employees and customers alike. A manifesto is something people can emotionally buy into. It’s hard to buy into a mission and vision statement. Manifestos keep you on the right path while giving you the flexibility to deliver something amazing.




You’ll notice that each manifesto is visually driven, including both key phrases and images. Getting to your manifesto as an entrepreneur is a process, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. To start, grab a few blank pieces of paper and start jotting down the things you want you and your business to stand for. What is it you are putting out into the world? What do you want to be known for? What matters most to you? Those questions and more will get you to a manifesto that acts as your guidepost and your sturdy foundation in both your life and your business.


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