You’ve been thinking about running an email marketing campaign, but what’s going to make it successful?

A survey conducted by Statista found that roughly 281 billion emails were sent and received each day in 2018, the figure is expected to increase to over 347 billion daily mails in 2022.

And a Harvard Business Review study found that business professionals check their email 15 times per day, or every 37 minutes. The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis. For the average full-time worker in America, that amounts to a staggering 2.6 hours spent and 120 messages received per day.

Whoever said email was dead, wasn’t paying attention.

But then there are a couple of tips that should be followed to ensure that your email marketing campaign gets the attention it deserves. I share these handy tips below:

Gain a thorough understanding about what your email campaign is for

Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. What is the goal of your email campaign? Is it to attract new customers, educate or spread awareness?
  2. Who is your target audience and what kind of content would interest them?
  3. How often do you wish to send out emails? Monthly, weekly or fortnightly?

When you have satisfactory answers to the above questions, you are ready to launch your very own email marketing campaign.

Ensure that your email’s content is short and easy to comprehend

Let’s face it recipients will not go through the entire text in your email. All they will do is quickly scan your email for something that grabs their attention. Keep your paragraphs short and add a lot of bullet points they are easier to read!

Keep the words simple and avoid complicated sentences. Content may be the undisputed King of the Internet but it should be kept as simple and crisp as possible when it comes to emails.

Avoid an obvious sales pitch in your emails. Make it educational or knowledge-based instead!

People often associate emails with invasive sales pitches. You may have a great offer or contest to showcase but it all comes to naught if you are not able to strike a chord with your customer. Ask yourself this question – “what value does my email give to the customer?”

Build engaging content to give readers an opportunity to fall hook, line, and sinker for your email!

Add visual appeals to your emails:

Your emails must have a delicate balance between content and graphics. Do not add too many images because they take time to download.

Compress all images used and make sure your email layout fits well within the email preview pane of your recipients.

Give your recipients an easy opportunity to unsubscribe

Add unsubscribe links that are easily noticeable in your emails. If the recipient does not see an unsubscribe link, he is likely to flag your emails as spam. Be wise and boost your reputation by ensuring that all your emails end up in the Inbox and not the Junk folder!

I hope these tips help you strategize and launch an email campaign that suits your needs. Also, measure the level of success gained during each campaign so that you do better the next time.