80% of business owners will use social media sites as a customer service tool!

Does your company have a presence on social media to answer customer-related inquiries? If your answer is no, you are probably missing out on several business opportunities to keep your existing customers satisfied while attracting newer ones. Let me make one thing clear social media websites are the place to be and an effective way to take your business to the next level.

Social Media Customer Service Stats and Trends You Need to Know [Inforgraphic from Provide Support]

From: www.providesupport.com

Set up a dedicated customer service profile on prominent social networking sites and use them actively to reach out to customers!

A research conducted by Gleanster.com revealed that less than half of the participants interviewed responded actively to customer complaints that came through social media websites.

It is important that you not just create social media profiles to handle customer concerns but use them actively as well. AOL, for example, has a Twitter handle set aside for this specific purpose.

Focus on speedy resolution of customer requests and complaints

When I call my utility provider, I usually have to wait for an eternity before I am put through to an actual person. Several businesses fail when it comes to providing quality support over the phone.

Do not keep your customers waiting! Keep a timeline of 2 hours to respond to requests on Twitter and Facebook. Since every customer interaction is public, you stand to gain a lot of positive publicity for your business. Other people who do not do business with you will sit up and take notice of the way you handle customers on these sites!

Be proactive and do not wait for an issue to be blown out of proportion!

Have a dedicated customer support staff that works only on social media sites

A mistake committed quite often by business owners is to share social media resources with other departments such as Sales of Marketing. The problem with this approach is that they will not able to handle customers like a dedicated social media expert can. Invest in people who know how to exploit the benefits of social media to your business’ advantage!

These brief and friendly interactions will go a long way in establishing long-lasting relationships with customers while boosting brand loyalty. Embrace social media for your business and let your business soar high in the online world!