So you’ve set up your Facebook page and your Twitter account, but the answering silence is deafening. Have you developed a proactive plan to build influence and capture followers A social media marketing strategy needs some careful care and feeding to produce results.


Fortunately, you don’t have stumble around looking for fresh content and marketing techniques. These five platforms are ready and waiting to help you create a vibrant and productive social media presence.

Post Planner

Composing engaging and relevant content in between running your business can be a daunting battle for even the most skilled writers. Post Planner makes it easy by providing articles, photos and status prompts aimed at your industry for the platforms of your choosing. Timing suggestions based on scientific data take the guesswork out of when to post. They will also post content for you round-the-clock to maintain a constant level of engagement.


The Internet has taken?word-of-mouth connections to a new level where they happen with lightning speed. Smync helps you leverage that quality with proven methods for expanding your reach and building enthusiasm about your brand. They also provide insights to measure results and let you know where some fine-tuning is in order.

Social Cloud Suite

Social media followers are not going to appear by magic. You need to go out and find them. Social Cloud Suite offers easy-to-use solutions for creating targeted campaigns, promoting your content, and other methods to grow your business through increased social media traffic. With their cloud-based software you’re ready to go instantly, without any programs to install or update.


You get only a few seconds to grab an online viewer’s attention. Twitter’s brief content and easy shareability makes it a great tool to build your brand and grow your influence. SocialBro’s Twitter management platform sharpens your strategy by using the tweets of your target audience to gain insights into how they think. Once you have your audience, tools like Audience Manager and Best Time to Tweet do all the heavy lifting.


Meshfire is also focused on harnessing the power of Twitter. Their secret weapon is “Ember,” the artificial intelligence that runs in the background to manage your Twitter community.It sifts?through the clutterof social media noise to filter out the users, content and conversations you need. Meshfire’s taskboard keeps the focus on your social media priorities, keeping you from becoming distracted and bogged down by superfluous details.

Don’t let intimidation keep you from developing and running an effective social media strategy. These five platforms will help you turn a potentially overwhelming task into a robust social media presence.