The social media sphere is busy, it’s 24/7. People often ask me, how do I have a social marketing strategy without being chained to my desk? The answer is use tools.You need to automate what you can, semi-automate what you can’t. Automation is not a dirty word on social media if used correctly.

Here are 5 Ways To Run Your Social Media in less than 30 minutes each day!

1. Schedule

Scheduling your news and?topicsmeans you are using your time effectively. If you have a global market, you can’t really be expected to stay up 24/7 and sendmanual?updates at particular times aimed at peak times in?different time zones. It’s an impossible and unrealistic expectation. By automating these types of updates, you will be using your time effectively as well as optimizing the timeliness of your marketing. You can use MarketMeSuite to schedule from inside the app, and tools like Bufferapp to have as a handy plugin in your browser if you see some interesting content.

2. Automate RSS

RSS feeds are a great way to disseminate informative and useful content to your audience, and it’s automated! Many blog platforms allow you to connect your blog to your social media accounts?so that when you publish a blog post, a link to it automatically gets posted to your social media entities such as your Facebook business Page or Twitter feed. This enables your friends and followers to get instant notifications when you publish new content, and can save you the time of manually posting links yourself every time you publish something new. RSS feeds are a great way of getting your content, articles, and news out to?themasses, just be sure to give the author credit. If I were to tweet out all blog posts from, I’d want to set up a “prefix” to say “New on @diymarketers” or “RT @diymarketers.”



3. Auto DM

This is a feature to be used with care. While it’s not always appropriate for individual accounts, it’s a huge help for business accounts to send a ?hey, thanks for following me, and here’s a link to my blog?

You can cycle through different messages, and turn them on and off as you need. Think of it as an extra little push to get your customers to engage with you outside of Twitter. Be sure to track replies though! If someone thanks you for it, send a real time DM acknowledging it.

Here is a quick list of examples to create the perfect DM:

  • DO say thank you for following- This shows a human side to your business which the follower can connect with
  • DO provide them with only relevant and useful information- For example, provide a link to your websites blog which means they stay up to date with all your business news and promotions. You could also send them to a link which has tutorials or helpful?documentation so they know where to locate what they need?immediately.
  • DO send them details of how to get help and support if they need it. For example, here atMarketMeSuite we let new followers know they can tweet :@MarketMeHelp if they have any questions through the DM service. It’s quick, informative and to the point, everything a DM should be.
  • DO NOT send more than one DM to a new follower. This is vital, just have one Message go out per user or you will be flooding them ?unnecessary information. If it doesn’t fit in one DM, then write a blog post?explaining?that you are grateful for their interest, add your business details and help information and link to that in a single DM. Sending more than one looks?spammyand messy, avoid this if you can.


4. Unfollow

This is a “semi automated” part of your social 30 minutes because Twitter has a firm stand on unfollowing behind the scenes. In other words, it MUST be user controlled. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do it quickly! With MarketMeSuite you can populate an entire list of who is not?following you back and decide to dump or keep.

A handy feature is that if there’s someone who has no hope of following you back (like @oprah), but you enjoy reading their posts, you can whitelist them so they stop showing up in the unfollow list.

5. Geo-Target

The socialsphere is big and busy and you have to cut through the clutter.It’s often very hard (and time consuming) to connect with the people who are actually potential customers. Using tools to geo-target helps you shave hours off the search. Below is a pic of “reply campaigns” in MarketMeSuite which is what I use to geo-target.

Imagine you’re a chiropractor. With MarketMeSuite you can actually geo-target a campaign just to 25 miles from your office.

This type of geo-targeted tweeting is a tremendous time saver. As nice as it is to chat with someone with back pain in Norway, you need to fill your office in New York. The results are pretty staggering too. 85% of replies sent using this method elicit some kind of reply.

Key Take Away

Only you know your company, its ethics, and your audience, so it’s up to you to determine what works best for your business. Just always be sure to have?that?touch of humanity in your online presence, because behind every computer sits an actual person, not a robot. But with that said, part of being human is that you don’t have time to be at your desk 24 hours a day and it’s overwhelmed with everything that’s going on in social media. Use automation and semi-automation to maintain a presence and cut through that clutter, and focus on being effective on social media.