It’s OK. No one is watching you here. It’s completely safe to say that you’re overwhelmed by social media. You are not alone. I’ll be that you sometimes feel like a smoker stranded out in the cold puffing away on your traditional marketing strategy while those hip and trendy marketing folks are laughing it up about the latest Twitter tool. Now see how you can get in on the scoop in just minutes a day!


Bizmore, the Question and Answer site for small business owners has launched their latest feature called “The Small Business (Idiot’s) Guide to Social Media” I’ve taken a few minutes to go through some of the articles and what I think you’ll really like is that this isn’t a book. It’s a series of nice, easy to read articles that have strategies and tips that you can literally apply in your business today.

Each article also features some of the best experts in the field that you should pay attention to. Like DIYMarketers — Bizmore’s Guide to Social Media is a Cliff’s Notes version of everything and everyone that’s worth knowing and the actions worth taking a look at. Take a peek and tell me what you think.

A Few More Bits of Reading: