One of the most common pieces of advice that I share is for small business CEOs to get out there and blog. Yes — get out there and actually write your blog posts. Take what’s inside your head and share it with your customers and potential customers.

I’m often met with this “deer in the headlights” stare that says “What am I supposed to write about?”

Well, HERE is what you’re supposed to write about:

Take a look at Paul Rosenfeld’s blog:

Paul is the CEO of Fanminder – a mobile marketing application for small business. While you’re reading the blog- you should check out Fanminder too. But that’s another post.

Here are just a few things that Paul does amazingly well:

  • He posts relatively often. And he changes it up. So sometimes he posts every day, sometimes he posts once a week. But he POSTS.
  • He alternates between “professional” posts, short posts, long posts, notes and other variations. This is how I know that Paul is a real life person. He’s literally COMMUNICATING with his readers in a human way. Sometimes, he’s sharing an official article type of thing that tells me that he can communicate. Then he blasts off a quick bit of news that he thinks I should know. Love that. I know he’s real.
  • He shares customer ideas and strategies (and pictures). I can trust Fanminder works because Paul’s got actual pictures of businesses – their cards and ideas from their campaigns posted on the blog. I love this latest one with the the “Psycho Donuts” donut shop that has a donut called the “Cereal Killer” and where the people who work there dress up — freaking hysterical.
  • He tells you what he’s thinking and what he’s up to. Paul doesn’t limit himself by rules about what he posts and formulas about how he posts it. It’s clear to me that his objective is to tell me what’s happening and how small businesses are using the product. Help me use the product, make it easy and fun for me to share what he’s offering. And more.

I could go on and on, but I won’t.

Thanks Paul for an outstanding example of CEOs (like us) blogging to build our brand and grow our customer base.

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