This post originally appeared on Strategy Stew — because that’s the blog that attracted the #WordCarnival host, Tea Silvestre. I’m posting here because I’d like you to consider doing something similar in your industry. Blog carnivals aren’t just for bloggers – this is a truly creative way to engage other thought leaders in your industry and build wonderful and profitable relationships.

I’m blown away by the speed at which online media changes.

Yesterday I participated in a Blog Carnival. Basically this is how bloggers build traffic and comments to their sites when they first get started. It used to be very popular “back in the day” — which was about five or six years ago. CAN YOU EVEN BELIEVE THAT?

“Back then” all the big names were having these blog carnivals. Those people have grown their brand and their readership lists and are now “over” the whole blog carnival thing. But there are millions of newbies out there who have yet to understand the power and the fun of blog carnivals.

Did I say that blog carnivals help you build traffic and readership for your blog or site? I’m saying it again if I didn’t. I’m not sure why the people I interact with don’t talk or do blog carnivals so much, but it’s still a powerful tool — especially if you’re new to the online marketing world.

Here’s an updated primer on blog carnivals

  1. Have a blog.It helps to have a blog, otherwise, why bother.
  2. Participate in a blog carnival.Check out It’s a great place to start learning about carnivals and participating in one. Don’t try to host one until you’ve participated.
  3. You troll the blogs in your subject area and find ones you like. You invite them to participate in the carnival. That part is easy. Then it gets a little sticky.
  4. Find a niche in and submit your article.That’s really all there is to that. In fact the hardest thing will be finding a niche you want to participate in.
  5. Read the posts.Then you go over to the other posts and read their articles, post comments, etc. It’s a great way to meet people and build relationships

The next thing you’d want to do is look at hosting your own blog carnival. My new friendTea Silvestredid just that and added some new twists to her #wordcarnival by adding a free converence line so that you can participate even if you’re not at Twitter. I can honestly say I hadn’t thought of that.

It was a smart and cozy group and I was happy to meet some wonderful, creative folks.

Hmmm. Maybe I’ll participate in some more blog carnivals from now on.