It takes only 0.05 seconds for a user to form a first impression of your brand. Not too much time, right? So, you can’t afford to fail with your landing page. We are sure nobody will argue that making a positive first impression is crucial for increased conversions.

Ok, so what we are going to do is supply you with some helpful tricks and best landing page templates examples to design the most efficient landings for your successful marketing campaigns. Following are a few landing page elements for you to keep in mind as you start selling your product or service.

  • Don’t hyperlink the logo of your landing page. The trick will help you keep visitors on the page as there is no easy to abandon the route.
  • Your above the fold image should be warm and welcoming. Smiling faces draw users’ attention; they evoke emotion, which is likely to increase the desire to learn more information.
  • Use bright, contrasting colors for the elements that should pop off the page.
  • People don’t like to fill in long forms, so, keep yours short and simple. This will probably result in many leads for the company. You really don’t need a lot of information early in the marketing funnel.
  • Use arrows as visual cues guiding the user to certain parts of the page. For instance, the arrow may point to the CTA button, directly beneath the fold, to some section you would like to highlight, etc.
  • Post happy customers testimonials (you may use videos). These trust signals allow page visitors to read/hear from real people how effective your services are. Testimonials are great social proof and really contribute to increasing your conversion rate.
  • Click-to-call phone numbers work well. They make it easy for your prospective customers to contact you. People even don’t need to leave the page to do that. This adds trust as well as makes you accessible.
  • Write a straighforward headline. It should tell the visitors exactly what’s available on your page.
  • If you offer something for free as lead capture, use the word “free” multiple times because people love freebies and this will likely persuade them to convert.
  • Use bullet points. They draw users’ attention and provide the main takeaways they need to know.
  • Iconography is a great way to display the benefits of working with your company. It helps to focus the visitors on the list. Use white space in this section. Your icons shouldn’t look as if they are bunched together.

Ok, it seems like we mentioned some of the major tips following which you’ll make the design of your landing page efficient. It’s time to view some examples of high converting landing pages you may use to simplify its creation.

SmartBizz – Business Consulting Landing Page Template

This business landing page template is designed in bluish colors. The color scheme and quality image impart the page a professional look. The main menu bar is transparent which makes the landing trendy. Contact email address and Сall us button are clickable, which is very convenient. Orange elements stand out against the navy-blue background drawing users’ attention. Icons and infographic elements make the info easier to absorb. Smiling team members faces make the web page more trustworthy. Sliders featuring partners and customers contribute to the reliable landing page look.

Construction Landing Page

This construction business landing page template was developed for building, construction, and architectural companies. It is very dynamic and interesting to explore thanks to slider and animation effects. The main menu is hidden, which helps to keep the page clean. Users can request a quote right on the page. This template presents the most important projects in a beautiful gallery. Bold font and loud colors are used to highlight special company offer. Partners logos and customers testimonials are also available. Contact section includes all the necessary information such as a hyperlinked email address.

Gxap – App, SASS, Software Landing Page Template

This minimalist landing page advertises an app for landing pages construction. It uses bright colors and the power of eye-candy call-to-action buttons that have rounded corners. The best landing pages are in a two-column gallery. Each page offers a hover effect. Landing page features are listed in two columns and supplied with bright, animated, outline icons. The web page can boast a slight parallax effect, which makes it even more attractive.

If you are interested in making a great first impression, you can always turn your attention to Lintense visually-attractive theme. It allows getting your message across using some engaging media. What can be better than presenting your information in an elegant and modern way? Together with different images, you are free to achieve several tasks. You can showcase your products, introduce employees, tell a story of your brand, and others. All you need to do is to add your unique content. After this simple step, you are ready to promote your business using a marvelous landing page. Let us speak more about its features and benefits. To start with, its package has seven perfectly-designed templates to choose from. They are crafted for such topics as:

  • corporate;

  • SEO agency;

  • one-product presentation;

  • mobile application;

  • promotion;

  • digital agency;

  • course.

It will also provide you with an easy-to-easy Novi Builder. If you have not heard about this visual HTML builder, we will explain everything to you. You do not have to possess expert skills in coding. It is possible to drag-and-drop the necessary elements. In addition to this, the package has some extra technologies and plugins. Each of them is ready to enhance functionality and make your landing page look exceptional. As you can understand, this variant has lots of advantages to offer you. However, do not forget about our piece of advice. A majority of users is fond of engaging media. Make sure to include your original visual content using this remarkable template.

Corporate Landing Page

This corporate landing page will fit web design and development studios. It features a sticky menu, which helps to keep main navigation at hand. Full-screen slider shows smiling people’s faces that look very welcoming and evoke trust. Ghost call-to-action button seamlessly blends with the design. The Company services section comes in a carousel. Each service is presented with an image supplied with a creatively designed animated call-to-action button. Clients’ logos zoom in on hovering. Testimonials are supplied with photos, which makes them even more trustworthy. The page contains a newsletter subscription form, latest news section, Google Maps, links to social media icons and plenty of other useful info.

JD Mix – Music Festival Creative HTML Bootstrap Landing Page Template

The template was developed for nightclubs and DJs. It perfectly conveys the cheerful atmosphere of nightlife, fun, entertainment, music, dancing, etc. The template is equipped with a fixed navigation menu bar, which lets to keep all major links before the users’ eyes all the time. Full-screen slider shows the scenes from parties that take place at the club every night. Call-to-action buttons are of the neon color which perfectly fits the overall environment of the page. Information about the DJ is placed in tabs, which helps to avoid clutter on the page. There is a special section with tour dates in the bottom where the users can buy tickets.

Plate – Healthy Food One Page Clean HTML Landing Page Template

The template is a perfect fit for cafes, restaurants, healthy food, and dietary resources. It is designed in greenish colors which match the general landing page concept. The main menu has a fixed position on the page. Complete Your Order form slides out from the right side of the screen on pencil icon click. The users can order food packages and view the menu in PDF format right from the landing page. Arrows in Healthy Eating steps section guide user’s eyes from one step to another. The landing page has a beautiful Testimonials section with animated customers’ photos. Corporate email is hyperlinked, which makes it easier to contact the company.

MyGncy – Agency Responsive Landing Page Template

This landing page is suitable for any kind of corporate company. The author uses a lot of white space which lets the visitor focus on the content. Call-to-action buttons and social media icons are hollow, which helps to keep the design clean. Team skills are presented in the form of a percentage of bars. Using illustrations is definitely the zest of this design. They add a unique charm to it. The developer utilizes lists and icons to style-up the info. The portfolio section is supplied with tabs, which helps to save space on the page. Simple contact form is also there. So, the visitors can contact you immediately as well as you can collect their emails.

Landing Page WordPress Theme

This neutral landing page designed in grey colors will fit any kind of business. We especially recommend it to those who want to represent their business as a serious, trustworthy enterprise. The page is static, has a drop-down menu, and social media icons at the expected place – top right corner. Black call-to-action button is placed at the center of the page. There are no destructive elements, so it will be easy for the user to do whatever you expect them to do quickly.

SEO Studio – Consulting HTML with Novi Builder Landing Page Template

This landing page was developed for SEO agencies. The main menu has a fixed position. Content in the About Us section is placed in four columns and supplied with outlined icons. Pricing section includes four plans with hover effects and call-to-action buttons. You can order a free consultation right on the page. Company team is presented with photos and links to social media profiles. Projects & Cases gallery are supplied with hover effect. Testimonials come with photos which makes them more credible. Book Now button appears on hovering the latest news. Newsletter subscription form, Contact Form, Contacts, and Google Maps are available on the page.

Tenda – App Landing Page Template

If you created an app and need to promote/sell it on the web, choose this landing page specifically for apps. Its futuristic look is exactly what you need. The author uses bright colors that grab users’ attention. The theme has a sticky menu that keeps the most important navigation links before the users’ eyes. Bright red buttons are placed on top and at the bottom of the page. App features are showcased in the center of the web page. They are arranged in three columns.

Wrapping Up

Well, you have just read the tips and best examples of efficient landing page designs. To summarize everything said above we decided to compile a kind of converting landing page design checklist for you. I hope it will be serviceable.

  • Make your call-to-action buttons bright.
  • State product characteristics clearly.
  • Remember your goal and create your landing page accordingly.
  • Keep the design simple.
  • Big, bold, and colorful fonts may be appropriate.
  • Use social proof.
  • Information in bullet points is easier to absorb.
  • Feature the logos of big brands.
  • May your hero images change.
  • Try not to use stock photography.
  • Use custom illustrations.
  • Keep people engaged all the time.
  • Keep your forms short and sweet.
  • Your landing page should be both beautiful and functional.
  • Beautiful color scheme and appealing imagery are a must.
  • Allow visitors to search the info they need.
  • The products should look appealing.
  • Add true videos.
  • Use persuasive language.
  • Make sure that your headlines are straightforward.
  • Remember about your target audience.
  • Visually highlight the offer.
  • Choose the best landing page tools.
  • Monitor your landing page.

Do you have your own tips? Please add them in the comments section. Liked our tips? Share them on social networks with your friends.