10 Sales Funnel Templates to Increase Conversions

Swipe these powerful sales funnel templates for your fall marketing campaigns.

By Ivana Taylor

Published on September 17, 2023

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Are you struggling to get your sales funnel working like a well-oiled machine?

It might be time to consider using 10 sales funnel templates. In this blog post, we’ll dive into ten different sales funnel templates that can help you streamline your sales processes, increase conversions, and boost your business revenue. Let’s get started with these 10 sales funnel templates!

Key Takeaways

  • Sales funnel templates can help businesses increase conversions & revenue.
  • Templates include product launch, lead magnet, high-ticket purchase, tripwire sales & more.
  • Social media to email and cancellation funnels are also available for customer retention.

The Power of Sales Funnel Templates

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A sales funnel template is a must-have tool for businesses looking to make their sales processes smoother, get more conversions, and make more money by targeting prospective customers. A free sales funnel template assists in the creation of an effective sales funnel, guiding potential customers through stages of awareness, interest, desire, and action. By understanding and utilizing sales funnels, this ultimately helps your business predict sales success and improve customer satisfaction. Additionally, understanding how sales funnels work can further enhance your marketing strategies.

There’s a wide variety of sales funnel templates available to suit different business needs, from managing your sales pipeline, generating leads, launching a product, selling a service, and more. Numerous benefits arise from using a sales funnel template, including efficient lead conversion, improved revenue forecasting, and process enhancement, which provide advantages to both prospective and existing customers. A well-designed sales funnel template can even increase the conversion rate of potential leads into more qualified leads, creating a high converting sales funnel.

Some popular sales funnel template providers include:

These providers offer templates that cater to different types of products, services, and business models. The templates integrate seamlessly into your marketing strategy and can be edited using different presentation design software, ensuring accessibility for marketing teams of varying sizes.

Product Launch Sales Funnel Template

Product Launch Sales Funnels Template – ClickFunnels

Launching a new product or service can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. A product launch sales funnel template is designed to get people excited about your new offering and guide them through the launch process, ultimately driving up sales. The key to a successful product launch funnel is creating anticipation and excitement for your target audience.

In order to grab potential customers’ attention, consider offering a low-cost option like a free trial, a free demo, or a budget-friendly monthly subscription plan. This can help overcome any initial skepticism or hesitation from potential customers. Apart from paid ads, other ways to promote your product during the launch phase include product landing pages and leveraging social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

In the implementation of a product launch sales funnel, it is vital to concentrate on upselling opportunities following the initial purchase. Offer a great deal, like a discounted price, and highlight the savings and extra benefits the customer will receive. This can help maximize revenue and create long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Lead Magnet Sales Funnel Template

The Ultimate Lead Magnet Funnel - Funnelytics™

A lead magnet sales funnel template is all about offering valuable content or resources in exchange for contact information, which can help nurture leads and increase your chances of getting conversions. Examples of lead magnets include:

  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Other valuable resources that can attract potential customers.

One of the key components of a successful lead magnet sales funnel is email nurturing. By sending out personalized emails to leads, you can build relationships and guide them through the buying process, ultimately increasing your conversion rate. This nurturing process typically begins with a lead capture form, where interested prospects provide their contact information in exchange for the valuable content or resource you’re offering.

For instance, offering an eBook as a lead magnet sidesteps the hassle of publishing and formatting a physical book, while still drawing potential customers. Amplify the effectiveness of your lead magnet sales funnel by crafting content with a catchy title that tackles a pain point or challenge your target audience faces.

High-Ticket Sales Funnel Template

How To Build High Ticket Sales Call Funnel To Sell Online Course

Selling expensive products or services can be challenging, but a high-ticket sales funnel template is designed to gradually increase customer commitment and trust, ultimately leading them to make a significant purchase. The key to a successful high-ticket sales funnel lies in understanding your ideal customer and satisfying their needs in a timely manner.

One example of a high-ticket sales funnel template is the Personalized Pricing Plan Sales Funnel Template, specifically designed for SaaS companies that provide services to small businesses with limited budgets. In this template, the product landing page features two CTAs: one for potential customers to provide their contact information to get started, and another directing them to the pricing plan page.

Strategic guidance of potential customers through the sales process, while gradually building their commitment and trust, can make a high-ticket sales funnel template highly effective in converting prospects into buyers of premium products or services. Sales reps play a crucial role in this process, and a well-crafted sales video can significantly enhance their efforts.

Tripwire Sales Funnel Template

Your Guide To Tripwire Funnels: 6 Keys For Success + Examples in 2023

A tripwire sales funnel template focuses on using low-priced offers to convert prospects into customers, making it an excellent strategy for enriching your email list and opening the door for upselling opportunities. Enticing potential customers with an attractive, low-cost product or service can lead them to an initial purchase, opening the door for further sales opportunities down the line.

Remember, when setting up a tripwire sales funnel, the primary goal revolves around populating your email list with fresh leads. Once a prospect orders a tripwire product, they are required to provide their email address, allowing you to nurture the relationship and ultimately upsell them on higher-priced items or services.

A popular example of a tripwire offer is a book plus free shipping deal, which grabs people’s attention and makes it easy to upsell them on additional products or services. A tripwire sales funnel template becomes a powerful tool for business growth when the focus is on converting prospects into paying customers through low-priced offers.

Webinar Sales Funnel Template

7 Simple Ways to Build POWERFUL Webinar Funnels (+7 Critical Mistakes to  Avoid)

Webinar sales funnel templates are designed to build trust and credibility with prospects by educating them about your business and positioning yourself as an expert in the field. Offering informative and engaging webinars attracts high-quality leads, who are then more prone to convert into paying customers. Platforms like ClickFunnels provide access to various webinar sales funnel templates, making it easy for businesses of all sizes to implement this strategy. With over 70,000 entrepreneurs already benefiting from ClickFunnels, it’s clear that webinar sales funnel templates can be a highly effective way to generate leads and increase conversion rates.

Setting up a webinar sales funnel template necessitates a focus on providing valuable content that addresses the pain points and challenges encountered by your target audience. By sharing your expertise and demonstrating your knowledge in the field, you can build trust with potential customers and guide them through the sales process, ultimately increasing conversions.

Social Media to Email Sales Funnel Template

How to Create a High-Converting Social Media Marketing Funnel

In today’s digital world, social media plays a vital role in attracting and engaging potential customers. A social media to email sales funnel template combines the power of both social media and email marketing to guide prospects through the sales process and increase conversions.

This type of sales funnel template typically involves:

  • Using targeted social media ads
  • Creating engaging content
  • Offering lead magnets to attract potential customers and collect their contact information
  • Nurturing the relationship through email marketing
  • Offering personalized offers and incentives to encourage them to make a purchase

A social media to email sales funnel template, which strategically leverages social media platforms and email marketing, can effectively attract potential customers, build relationships, and boost sales.

Membership Sales Funnel Template

The #1 Membership Funnel Hack That Crushes ClickFunnels

Creating exclusive communities and providing value to customers is at the heart of a membership sales funnel template. Offering members exclusive content, resources, and benefits fosters loyalty and generates recurring revenue for your business.

A membership sales funnel template allows you to:

  • Segment your customer list
  • Offer tailored content and resources based on their specific needs and interests
  • Provide value and build strong relationships with your members
  • Encourage them to continue their subscription
  • Spread the word about your business

Implementing a membership sales funnel template is not only a great way to generate recurring revenue, but also an effective strategy for building a loyal customer base that will continue to support your business over time.

First-Time Customer Sales Funnel Template

new customer sales funnel template
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Converting first-time customers can be a challenging task, as they often have little knowledge about your product or brand and may be skeptical about making a purchase. A first-time customer sales funnel template focuses on overcoming these challenges by:

  1. Building trust
  2. Providing value
  3. Offering incentives
  4. Educating customers about your product or brand
  5. Encouraging repeat purchases
  6. Providing excellent customer service

By following this template, you can increase your chances of turning first-time customers into loyal clients.

The key to a successful first-time customer sales funnel is understanding the unique needs and concerns of potential customers and addressing them throughout the sales process. Gradually building trust with first-time customers is achieved by offering valuable content, resources, and incentives. This approach helps them feel more confident in their decision to purchase.

Implementing a first-time customer sales funnel template can be highly effective in building a strong customer base and ensuring that your business continues to grow and thrive in the long run.

Cancellation Sales Funnel Template

Cancellation Funnel | Funnels Chef by Sal Peer

No business wants to see customers discontinue their products or services. A cancellation sales funnel template aims to win back customers who have decided to cancel by offering incentives and addressing their concerns, encouraging them to reconsider their decision.

When implementing a cancellation sales funnel template, the initial step involves creating a survey page to comprehend the reasons behind customer cancellations. By gathering feedback and identifying common concerns, you can tailor your approach to address these issues and potentially win back customers.

After the survey page, offer customers an irresistible incentive, such as:

  • a discount on their plan for the next month
  • a free upgrade or add-on to their current plan
  • exclusive access to new features or content
  • a personalized offer based on their specific needs or preferences

By providing a compelling reason for customers to reconsider their decision, a cancellation sales funnel template can help you retain valuable customers and maintain consistent revenue.


In conclusion, sales funnel templates are powerful tools that can help you streamline your sales processes, increase conversions, and boost revenue. By implementing the right sales funnel template for your business, you can target prospective customers, build trust, and ultimately drive sales. With numerous templates available, there’s a sales funnel template to suit every business need and marketing strategy. Don’t miss out on the potential for growth and success – start using sales funnel templates today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a sales funnel template?

To create your own sales funnel template, start by defining your sales pipeline and considering how each stage relates to the buyer’s journey.

Design the funnel visual and then add customer data into the template.

Finally, check in with your customers to ensure they have a great experience.

What is sales funnel templates?

Sales funnel templates are helpful tools for visualizing your company’s sales process and tracking prospects during their buying journey. They can assist in generating leads and forecasting sales figures.

What are the 7 layers of the sales funnel?

The 7 stages of the sales funnel include Awareness, Interest, Evaluation, Decision & Negotiation, Sale, Renewal, and Repurchase.

An additional stage is Revive Dead Leads.

What is a typical sales funnel?

A sales funnel typically consists of four stages – Awareness/Attention, Interest, Desire/Decision and Action (AIDA) – that prospects move through as they progress towards a sale.

It also encompasses the customer journey phases which involve reducing a large number of potential buyers to a smaller number of qualified leads, followed by presenting proposals and negotiation before closing a deal.

What are the main benefits of using sales funnel templates?

Sales funnel templates can streamline processes, increase conversions, boost revenue, and improve customer satisfaction, making them a great choice for businesses.