It seems that more and more small businesses are using webinars to market their business. This is a great tactic since hosting a webinar is a great way to market yourself as an expert while generating leads at the same time.

Take a minute to think about the concept. You offer a free webinar that provides valuable information to people about business practices. Attendees sign up and you instantly have new leads for your company pipeline. Plus you’re not limited by geography. When you give a presentation in person, you have to stick to the city in which you live. Not so with webinars you can include people from all over the world.

So what’s the best way to get started with webinar marketing? Here are five webinar platforms that offer great features and value so you can easily start your new marketing strategy.


This platform offers free and low-cost webinars and video conferencing for small businesses. The services allows for unlimited meetings for up to 200 participants. AnyMeeting features screen sharing, live polling, and session recording. You can also send email invitations, sell tickets, create custom registration forms, and it easily integrates with Facebook and Twitter. The basic usage plan is free, but it includes advertisements. There are also monthly subscription options where the advertising is eliminated.

Click Webinar

One of the distinct features of this webinar platform is that it allows the user to customize your meetings and webinars with your company’s logos, colors and graphics. The system also includes the ability to conduct polls during your meeting, and allows for the recording of the meeting. Additionally, Click Webinar does not require the company or users to download any software to attend a video conference, which also eliminates the need for tech support during webinars. Click Webinar offers a mobile app so users don’t have to be sitting at a computer. You can try the service for free for Mega30 days.

Mega Meeting

This webinar service also has the advantage of not requiring users to download a software platform. Mega Meeting allows users to register for the virtual events, send email reminders, and includes polling options during the webinar. Like other services, Mega Meeting includes a chat window for the host and participants to communicate. It also includes the option to send private chat message should there be a need for one-on-one communication between the host and a single participant. The free package allows for 100 participants, but you can always upgrade to include more attendees. The drawback of Mega Meeting: it only supports one-way VoIP and currently does not have a mobile or smartphone application.

Adobe Connect 8

The biggest advantage to this platform is great for setting up ongoing series of events, similar to a course. It also has a professional look that you can customize for your business. You can invite attendees manually, by individually adding their email address to the webinar. Or you can invite guests using a unique URL that’s trackable and integrates into your regularly used email system. Connect 8 works across mobile devices and you can try it free for 30 days. The drawback of Connect 8 is it can be fairly elaborate to set up the first time you use th