The following is a guest post by Sam Peters

Many companies with an online presence are skeptical of social media, but still feel compelled to use it. They hear about all the exposure a Twitter feed can bring, they are told how many people are regularly on Facebook, and they are reminded that an effective social media strategy can be easy and free to implement. With all this in mind, the managers and CEOs of these companies start taking concerted steps to post, update, tweet, and share. They embrace social media, to be sure, but they do it only by going through the motions.

Going through the motions can still result in social media benefits. But, if you’re a skeptic, you probably want to see social media boost the online management of your brand. You want to know that your Facebook page and your Twitter feed have the ability to directly channel viewers to your site. While a Facebook page will certainly generate some traffic through organic means, by taking only a few easy steps you can tighten that connection between Facebook and your site, in the process turning social media consumers directly into customers.

Here are a few of the main approaches to help make this happen:

-Boost desired? content. Businesses are often told to include wall posts on their Facebook page that link to a blog post or to their websites main page. Visitors to the Facebook page, however, are less likely to click on such external links unless they feel an added incentive to do so. This is where desired? content comes into play. Desired content includes video posts, giveaways, discounts, and other promotions. Content of this sort is usually more appealing to viewers, and few will hesitate before clicking on a link to a video post that has been embedded within your site.

-Court new social media viewers. Most of the people who visit your Facebook page are probably those who have a strong knowledge of your product and your brand. They constitute a more loyal consumer base as a result, which means that they will usually feel less compelled to visit your site after perusing your page. Consumers with no knowledge of your product, on the other hand, are highly likely to check out your site after arriving at your Facebook page. So how can these people be courted?

The easiest way to do this is by working to boost your Facebook account?s ?Likes. Doing so will insure that your page updates appear in news feeds and information tabs of your loyal fans, thereby making them visible to these loyal fans? friends. There are many easy ways to boost your ?Likes. You can advertise through Facebook, offer promotions to those who ?Like? your page, send out email requests or include your Facebook page in an electronic signature, post daily news stories on your page, integrate with Twitter, and consult a social networking exposure company.

-Create a ?landing page? on your Facebook profile. Services such as Pagemodo can help you build a Welcome Screen for your Facebook profile (i.e. a landing page) that greets all viewers upon their arrival and can explicitly encourage them to visit your site. This ensures that visitors consider your company outside of a social media context and that they can still be directed towards your site even if none of your most recent wall posts make them feel so compelled.

These are a few of the main strategies for trying to tighten the connection between your Facebook page and your business? website. While implementing these strategies may require a greater amount of devotion to your social media platforms, at least initially, it will hopefully translate quickly into more traffic and more customers.