How to Create Landing Pages that Convert

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We all know that every successful business has a website. But did you know that the landing page is the most critical element of the site? That one page gives the first impression of what you offer and is the best marketing tool you’ve got. That one page determines whether you will be successfully received or clicked away to another site.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is simply a web page in which you send traffic to after a person clicks on a QR code, a tweet or email URL. It can be but is not necessarily your company’s home page. In fact, marketing experts recommend it is not just a home page since this landing site is a critical component in what influences the visitor to stay on your website.

Why Use a Landing Page?

There are dozens of reasons to use a landing page. Today’s post will focus on three reasons you want to consider this vital marketing tool, and simple ways you can easily make creating a landing page a reality.

  1. 1. Branding You have only a few seconds to get a visitors attention and keep them on your website. The landing page is a critical way to engage and promote your business brand. You want to create a page that tells your story visually and creatively.
  2. 2. Analytics Creating a landing page that is trackable is the best way to gain information about who is visiting your website, where the traffic is coming from, and how long each person is clicking through to other elements of your website. This data helps you determine what’s working on the landing page and what needs to be improved.
  3. 3. Targeted Marketing The beauty of landing pages is they can be created for specific marketing campaigns. This works great if your market is segmented into a few different niches. And by testing various campaigns and customized landing pages, you will see what messages connect with prospects. Thus allowing you to target future marketing with a more successful approach.

What are the Next Steps?

You know you need a landing page, but the thought of hiring a programmer to create it is enough to make you want to shut down the computer. Luckily there are many online services available that will create the landing pages for you.

Premise by Copyblogger Media is one such service that creates landing pages for WordPress web platforms. Another landing page company is UnBounce, which helps you create, publish and optimize your landing page without the help of tech support. I-on Interactive creates pages that help you create an engaging and conversation-focused landing page. All of these services help you create successful landing pages without needing to know HTML programming or hire tech support.

Perhaps you’re also a bit hesitant because the thought of coming up with compelling headlines is so intimidating. It doesn’t need to be with the abundance of articles available to help you generate dynamic and catchy headlines. A quick look at these pieces will get you writing an engaging premise that keeps the reader on your site.

Landing pages can be some of the most critical components of your marketing strategy. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of creating something from scratch on your own. Use the resources available to help you kick your landing page marketing efforts into high gear.


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