I started my first blog on Blogger back in 1998. I had absolutely NO IDEA what this was all about. It looked like an online diary, and I had never kept a diary or been very good at any kind of journaling. So I quickly let this blog go. It wasn’t until the spring of 2006 that I finally got up the nerve to start another blog.If you only knew how I struggled. I couldn’t think of a name, I couldn’t find my voice and I had no idea how I was going to write these blog posts. What was the perfect blog post? Is there such a thing? How do you write something that’s engaging, informative and still reflects your brand and style?The good news, is that you don’t have to sacrifice your voice or your brand to write the perfect blog post — you just have to follow a few of these tips in how to structure and outline your thoughts and you’ll see your traffic and your confidence go up.

perfect blog post data

The 7?essential?elements of a perfect blog post?

I can often get wrapped up in making sure that every little detail of a blog post is perfect. No doubt I could list way more than seven elements from perfect blog posts, but these seven seem to cover all the most important bases.

  1. Headline: the 6 words that count most
  2. Storytelling hook
  3. Fewer characters per line at first
  4. Featured image
  5. Subheads for scanning
  6. Content and the 1,500-word sweet spot
  7. Soundbites for sharing

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