blogUser-friendly blogging software has turned the Web into a virtual soapbox and also a place where you can stay on top of your online reputation. For everyone from individuals to business owners to executives, a successful blog is founded on getting the word out there and being read by people. Plus, blogs are a way to drive sales a study from HubSpot tells us that 70 percent of businesses that blogged three times a week acquired new customers through their blogs.

To develop a loyal online following, you must share useful content that readers will absorb and want to pass along. The core reason of blogging is to offer value to your readers, whether it’s a nice story or insight to help your audience solve a challenge, aim to write content that people want to read. Ditch the self-promotion plugs and strive to cultivate an audience. Here are some ways you can blog and gain regular readers:

Determine its Purpose and Don’t Waver?

Define for yourself what readers you want to appeal to then build a plan of how to effectively reach them. Make goals related to your blog: Are you urging conversation? Are you writing about trending topics? Whatever you choose, determine what you will provide your audience and continue to deliver that value. If the information you write about is useless and not worth sharing, it doesn’t provide value for anyone

Speak to Your Audience

Oftentimes marketers write their blogs with words that sound like they’re in a press release instead of in a conversation with their readers? and this is a mistake. Blogs are more beneficial from both an SEO perspective and overall engagement when you use terms that resonate with the customers. Of course you want to abide by grammar rules that will show you are knowledgeable, but don’t blog in a way that’s intended simply to impress readers with the prevalent use of big? words? write to make your readers happy. As you write your blog pieces, remind yourself to converse, not present.

Post Regularly

For a blog to see great success, it means you need to put forth some effort. One of the tricks is to be consistent and not let your blog sit idle with no action for weeks. Set calendar reminders, delegate posts to staff members or tackle the job of posting yourself just make sure that someone is contributing relevant, frequent posts to the blog. Always focus on the goal; to serve readers, not inundate them with marketing humdrum.

Try New Things

While it’s easy for bloggers to write in the same format each time, make it a point to vary from the norm on occasion. Change the length of your posts or write a new type of content. Readers enjoy knowing what to expect, but they also don’t want to fall asleep while reading, so mix up your authorship, content and format.

Be a Part of the Conversation

Have you ever left a comment on a blog but never received a response? If so, you probably felt frustrated and wondered if your comment was ever read. Make it a point to respond to both negative and positive comments on your own blog. If you allow negative comments, ensure you have the resources to handle that feedback. It isn’t always easy, but it’s essential to manage negative online reviews correctly you will in turn generate respect from your customers.

Blogging is an effective component of a proactive social business strategy. It affords business owners and leaders the opportunity to engage in conversation and exchange ideas with prospective and current customers. Aim to use the right tone, ditch the sales pitches, and cover fresh topics to make your blog a place your customers want to be.

How have you cultivated a blog to engage your audience.

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