Now that you’ve decided to blog actively as part of your DIY Marketing Strategy, you’re going to want to do it right. In this DIYMarketers Guide to Small Business Blogging, I’m going to share some of the best and most current strategies out there — as well as links to great blogging resources and how to blog articles from other sites.

If you’re interested in contributing content to DIYMarketers — I’ll give you an inside peek at what it takes to become (as my favorite guilty pleasure author John Locke says OOU – One of Us).blog

How blogging is like marriage

For one thing, blogging is a decision NOT to be taken lightly. It’s a practice in consistent and persistent content development. This means that once you’ve decided to blog as part of your marketing strategy — you have made a long term decision. Don’t start blogging because it seems like the right thing to do and then find out that it’s a little more commitment than you were prepared for and bail — that doesn’t work.

Blogging is also a lot like farming or gardening. You have to start with a structure and then plant seeds and nurture them. In other words — it takes time to get your blog up and running. But if you want to reap the lead generating and reputation building fruits of your labor, you will need to make an investment in participating in communities, commenting and earning the right to be considered an expert on a topic.

Now that you’re ready to start

I’m Ready to Blog!: Here is a terrific article on the big decisions that you’ll have to make.

Become a Better Blogger: Follow these key principles of blogging to be taken seriously.

ProBloggers “Blogging for Beginners” Compendium: Anything you’ve ever wanted to know about blogging and then some.

Learn how to write great headlines: Copyblogger is my favorite source for great headline advice

Headline Generator: And this is my favorite headline generator! I use this every single day. It’s not only good for article headlines, use it for eBook titles, presentation titles and email subject lines!

Guest Posting: 10 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Your Post Published on DIYMarketers

  1. Register on : ?Think of it this way. Registration is your way of saying “HI! I’m invested enough in your content to become part of your community. You will NOT even be considered if you’re not an active DIYMarketers community member for at least 3 months.
  2. Comment often:? One way that we know you’re OOU (One Of Us) is by leaving frequent and relevant comments on the DIYMarketers posts. That means that you really have read the content and are inspired enough to participate.
  3. Promote our content via social media: Along with commenting is this idea of sharing the content. If you’re contributing a guest post you’d want us all to share it — right? You have to give to receive. And this is a great way to get on our radar.
  4. Have your own small business marketing blog:?There’s no other way to say it. You need to have a significant track record in the world of small business and already be active online. That shows us that you know what you’re talking about.

Follow this guide for blogging and you will not only build your brand, but get a flood of new clients as well.