Ivana has been publishing some great tips on using LinkedIn as a customer communication tool. A strong LinkedIn profile offers some other benefits, and one of the most overlooked is the ability to use your profile as a search engine optimization tool for your business.

LinkedIn give you the opportunity to have up to three outbound links. You can not only have these links pointed anywhere you want, but can also pick the anchor text as well! This means that you can let Google and other search engines know about your site via LinkedIn AND can give Google the right keywords.

Here is an example from my LinkedIn profile:

The two links I’ve pointed to are my company, OfficeDrop’s home page – where I am optimizing for Digital Filing System – and our document scanning page, where I am optimizing for document scanning.

Here is how you do it: Go to “edit profile” then scroll down to the website section, where you will see edit buttons. Add your company’s site – but don’t select “my company” in the drop down, instead choose “other” and then and enter the text as your target keywords. That’s it!

If you get the other people at your company to update their LinkedIn profiles then you’ll have several new, optimized links directing Google love to your site!