A big part of online promotion is creating content that can be shared. This includes email newsletters, article submissions, press release distribution, and blog post writing. Social media is a great place to share this high quality content once it has been created. Social media is important for numerous reasons. It helps to build a brand and improves SEO. Businesses are realizing that it’s not just a fad and that it’s time to get involved, if they haven?t already. One of the most important decisions that needs to be made is who will be the social media voice that represents the company and brand.

The first thing that needs to be decided is whether the voice should be a brand or a person. Should the Twitter profile that’s promoted for business use be CompanyX? or ?JaneDoe? (President and Founder of Company X). This usually depends on the company. If it’s a product based company, it might be easier and more acceptable to use the brand name. If it’s a service based company, it’s more about forming relationships and establishing trust with an actual person. Certain situations, especially in the service industry, need that personality. People like to put a face with the company name.

Once you’ve decided that the voice should be represented by a person at the company, the next step is to determine who that person should be. Depending on the company, the right person differs, but it could be anyone including the owner, President, CEO, or VP of Marketing. This decision is extremely important because the brand will be built in this person’s name. You need to think about whether or not this person will still be working at the company in 2 years, 5 years, or 10 years. If the brand is built in their name, and then they leave, they take all of that brand equity along with them and it’s like starting all over again. The name needs to be consistent across all marketing channels including all business and social profiles. One of the possible dangers of using a person is that the personal and professional sometimes blend together. If an account is being used for business reasons, the content needs to remain professional at all times.

It’s also important to consider if more than one person should represent the brand. For a small business, only one person should be the voice of the company. If there are too many people it’s not consistent and could lead to confusion. Seeing one name promotes brand recognition. People see the name over and over and get who that person is representing. The brand behind the name is less recognizable as more names are used. For a large corporation that has numerous divisions, it is more appropriate to have multiple people representing the brand because they can represent the various divisions or products lines. In this case, using only one name will cause too much clutter since the information isn’t relevant to everyone.

Determining the social media voice is the first step in establishing and building a presence in the social media space. This is a decision that will affect major online marketing initiatives, so it needs to be made wisely.