If you’ve been asking the question of “How do I make money with social media?!” then read this article closely. Social media won’t make you money – how you use social media to leverage relationships will make you money. Here is a great article by Jeff Molander that will put you in the right direction.

If you are struggling to create leads and sales with Facebook, blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube or LinkedIn don’t worry. You’re not alone and I’ve got the cure. In this article, I’m going to show you a new 3-step process that you can use to make sure social media always creates leads and sales for you. As it turns out netting sales is all about provoking a response to what you put out there? on social media. This super-charges buyers’ confidence in themselves and moves them off of social media and onto your Web site, your phone or your email inbox.

The Case for Confidence

Most of us are failing at generating sales with social media because we’ve been given bad information about what works. We’re even being told to not sell with it at all! Nonsense.

Being engaging, getting re-tweeted and telling compelling stories likely won’t help you sell on social platforms. So if you’re busy doing these things please stop for a moment and consider this one idea that actually works.

The Secret Sauce

Here is what works: Solving customers problems in ways that creates confidence in buyers and using clear, compelling calls-to-action that earn customers’ response.

The most effective, practical way to start generating sales with blogs, videos, educational ebook downloads, LinkedIn and other social platforms is to give confidence to buyers in ways that increase their ability to feel emotionally grounded, intellectually stronger… fully equipped to buy.

If you solve customers problems well enough as part of an educational journey (or story) you’ve taken them on?they will ask you for the sale. No bull. No hype, no spin. It works in my business and it will in yours. As Dan Stasiewski puts it…

?The dramatic tension of the moment should leave the buyers wanting more. And how do they get more? By converting on a bottom-of-the-funnel offer (request a demo, consultation, quote, etc.) that has them asking for a sales call.

But where to start?

Solve Customers’ Problems

Imagine yourself turning friends, followers and blogs into sales, leads and subscribers. I’m serious?picture it in your head. You CAN do this by, starting today, focusing on solving customers’ smaller (yet related) problems in ways that nurtures demand for bigger solutions your product or service.

So let’s start helping customers gain clarity on their problems, fears or ambitions and then leverage that clarity in ways that create mini-successes? in their lives. Forget about getting re-tweeted, Liked, getting noticed or be engaging in LinkedIn Groups. Just tune those goals out for a minute.

By helping solve your customers’ problems before they transact with you, you will:

1) Create confidence in their lives proof that a risk can be avoided, an experience can be had, or a goal can be achieved, on time, within budget and without making a mess of the place or getting them fired! This supports the urge to buy.

2) Manufacture trust that is more than just words?it’s experiential. By providing a result in advance you hand out an actual sample of what success actually feels like. This helps customers want the end result (that you can deliver on) even more.

3) Transform your product/service into a logical next step? in a journey?rather than reduce it to an irrelevant pitch.

Take Action

What questions do your customers always need answered before they’ll buy? Don’t restrict the questions to those about your service?think like a buyer. What questions that may not relate to what you’re selling must they find answers to?

Write down 2 or 3, right now, and write out the answer for each. If you can try to illustrate the answer using an actual story relating to a client or business your target can relate to.

Bingo. You just created a dynamite, search-engine magnet article that will attract prospects to your blog. This will allow you to capture them as a lead. (more on how to actually DO that later… stay tuned!)

HOT TIP: Are you aware of problems your customers have?that they, themselves, are not yet aware of? If so, you hit the jackpot. This kind of advice is HIGHLY valuable to your business because providing solutions to problems people don’t know they have (yet) is the kind of advice customers appreciate the most. Write these down if you have them so you’ll be able to take advantage of them.