First time entrepreneurs aren?t aware of how experienced they actually are when they begin their business. It takes a lot of strength and effort to build a successful brand. One of the biggest components is marketing. With big businesses, of course they have marketing firms that work with a large team to get their brand as much exposure as possible, but with someone in your position, marketing may have to come from what you know best social media marketing.viewbix

Social media marketing is one of the most inexpensive marketing methods and one of the most efficient. Here are four tips to boost your brand’s marketing from social media platforms:

Make yourself Available

Keep everything connected with your social media pages. The hardest part about this concept will be driving your intended audience to your social platforms. The first step you can take is to insert your Facebook Like Page or Facebook Profile along with your Twitter links on your actual website so customers can easily find you. This also helps people reach you on a more personal level, they get the opportunity to see you through your everyday social updates.

? Use embedded codes to display your Facebook page or twitter feed on your website.

? Cross advertise on each social media profile you should promote your others so your followers can’t miss you.

There are millions of Twitter pages and Facebook profiles so don’t just expect someone to find you, help them by making yourself easily available. If you happen to sell clothes or work with a fashion brand then here are?3 trends for social media marketing in retail.

Venture outside of the Big Names

The big name social media companies are of course a reliable outlet, but the smaller, up and coming, platforms are where you can grow a truly organic audience. Twitter and Facebook, even Instagram have almost become mandatory, but there are a number of other social media marketing tools. Take a look at platforms like Pinterest or Tumblr. They are more image based, which will also introduce the visual aspect to your customers and following. Video marketing continues its evolution with platforms like Vine and, soon, Instagram Video.

Google +, in addition to its SEO advantages, gives users a social platform tied in with their email so make your Google profile very accessible so they can reach you via email or drop a message in their inbox. Gmail presents a way to informally or formally speak business in a more private setting. Above all you should use your own social media pages as yourself; don’t outsource it to certain professionals or automated programs. Give users the personal feel that they have come looking for.

Introduce a Rewarding Experience

Reward your customers for following you, make it a rewarding experience so that they will not only return but also help market your brand by telling a friend of theirs because they can benefit as well. Think about doing weekly giveaways which will keep your audience on a schedule because they know to tune in at a certain time and continue to follow you for future prizes. You can post the giveaway links on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and only require that your consumers share the link to enter their name for a chance to win what you are giving away.

? Weekly or monthly giveaways.

? Provide information for your consumers so they continue to return to your site seeking a reward even if it isn’t tangible.

Keep your followers up to date on relevant events or other things that they can participate in. Keeping your fan base in the know will give them a feeling of acceptance and allow them to actually be involved in the success of your brand. If you would like to know of more incentives to give your customers, considercpa marketing, crm strategies and client portals.

Always Be in Reach

You don’t want to give off the impression that tweeting you or dropping a comment on your profile will go unnoticed, be in reach for your consumers and respond to everything. Have your following think that you are always there at the press of a button by responding to everything, be thankful for positive feedback and encourage negative feedback to engage in a new experience with your brand. New customers will see that you are not only interactive but helpful and you hear everything that is being said in regards to your business. As a brand owner you want to know the market, here are3 Content Aggregation Tools for Social Media Marketing.

? Always make your presence known on social media platforms, whether that by responding to tweets or reaching out to your followers.

? Seek help if need be, if you can grab a friend or family member to manage your social media accounts that will help grow a good audience.

If you have other obligations, ask a co-worker to manage your social media accounts or hire a social media expert who can help manage and grow your social media audience. Although you are perfectly capable yourself, map out a social media strategy and if you can touch the right people then you are that much closer to a successful business through youthful marketing.