One of the things I LOVE about publishing DIYMarketers and serving as the DIY Marketing expert and resource for Small Business Trends and QuestionPro communities is that I get to explore and try programs that you might be interested in, but can’t afford to risk your time trying.

Over the next 6 weeks I’m going to be participating in the OneCoach Social Media Webinar for Small Business.

Reasons The OneCoach Social Media Webinar Series for Small Business is Time and Money Well Spent

  1. OneCoach consistently delivers quality, high-end, well researched content. Scott Allen is a seasoned social media expert. He’s been at it since the late 90’s and that’s before LinkedIn, Facebook and what we know as social media. This means that he lends CONTEXT to the topic. He’s had experience BEFORE social networking, during the rise of social media and now as we evolve these tools into revenue generating resources.
  2. Focused on Making Money. If you’re a CEO asking yourself how any of this will make you money — Scott Allen has made this the focus of the entire program. As a business owner, you’ll see exactly the tool he uses to analyze and measure which connections have the highest value and bring the most leverage to your business. No fluffy social stuff for fun here. He explains how it can be social, but doesn’t dwell there.
  3. Interactive social space community for participants. You will pay several hundred dollars to be in this seminar. But the biggest value you’ll get is the people that you will meet and interact with. OneCoach has created a closed social space for the participant community where they can practice, interact and get to know each other better. I’ve already connected and learned from several people and can’t wait to learn more. This is TOTALLY worth every penny.,
  4. Tips, tips and even more tips — even for experts. I’ll admit it. I’m a social media snob. I was worried that because so many small business CEOs were behind the curve, that the tips I would get here would be too basic. I was wrong. Because the sessions are SO FOCUSED on leveraging contacts for cash – I was blown away by the quality of the tips. Here’s my favorite — “Instead of using email – work to have conversations (that aren’t private) online using Twitter and Facebook.” ?This is a brilliant tip because social media sites are indexed by Google and if you’re discussing a topic that is in your area of expertise — they YOU WILL BE FOUND. I have about 50 of these — and that’s just from Unit 1.
  5. You will learn to NOT WASTE TIME. Look. I went into this worried that I would waste an hour and a half every week for six weeks. And if you have that thought swirling around — put it aside. If you’ve been frustrated by the social media topic because you feel like you’re letting this low cost marketing tool go to waste — then this program would be ideal for you.

Too Bad – I think Registration is Closed

I’m not sure if you think this is good news or bad — but I’m not writing this to sell you on the social media for small business webinar because I think it might be closed now. You can try and see if they will let you in. If they do, it’s worth it.

What I wanted you to know from this post is that OneCoach programs are a good value. If you’re the CEO of a million dollar company with no marketing department — then this is a great investment of time and money. They will not waste either.

So What Can I DO?

Don’t worry. I’m not teasing you mercilessly. I asked the folks over at OneCoach what they would recommend for my community that missed this webinar, but might be interested in the program — they recommended that you head over to the Business Momentum Club. I’ve been a member and would say exactly the same thing for that program as I did for this one.

In the meantime. Stay tuned for articles that will feature content from this Social Media Webinar Series with Scott Allen.