If you are serious about taking your marketing to the next level, you will need to use the best free marketing apps available. Business has gone mobile, and you will have to do the same in order to remain a leading force in your business niche. Some tools, especially those used for social media, should be attractive for every entrepreneur, while others fit more specialized marketing purposes. Most of the apps presented here are free to try, but you will need to pay for them if you decide they are helpful to your company.

  1. Grammarly – This free download will help you write better by performing intensive spell and grammar checks on your work. Grammarly is excellent for content writing, but impeccable documents make any business niche shine.
  2. Betaout – This app is perfect for managing your email and managing marketing campaigns. It allows you customize outgoing mail, and provides filters that can be triggered in many ways. Designed for marketing and B2C businesses, Betaout offers a 14 day free trial to show you what it can do.
  3. SEO SpyGlass – This suite of search engine optimization tools will help you position your products and grow your brand. Use them to optimize your own website or to get the inside scoop on competitor sites.
  4. vtiger – This is the perfect app for customer relationship management. It allows you to sort contacts, customize emails, view reports and manage other aspects of your eCommerce. You can do everything from product management to invoicing, including creating powerful filters to perform routine tasks.
  5. NutshellMail – Stop wasting time trying to keep up with social media and allow this free download to do it for you. NutshellMail will monitor Twitter and Facebook, and allows you to track comments and reviews on leading social media sites across the Web.
  6. Dropbox – More than a cloud storage app, Dropbox allows you to share and collaborate on projects, and manage files in many ways. You will prevent data loss and keep all members of your team in the loop with this handy file storage and congregation app.
  7. Evernote – Another tool developed expressly to help you present yourself more clearly, evernote is an idea management and dynamic presentation creator. Use it to gather data from different types of media and distribute your results as you complete them.
  8. Google Analytics Dashboard – This WordPress plugin will help you develop your SEO strategy and show you where your website is performing well. You already know you need a blog to keep in touch with your customers, and this dashboard will give you tools to focus on your branding.
  9. Google Drive and Docs – Edit all of your documents in the Google cloud with Drive and Google Docs. Documents can be shared for collaboration, sent via email, or downloaded in file types that will work on any device. You will receive a significant amount of free online storage, and files created with the Docs app do not count against the allotment. Includes tools comparable to Office, completely free.
  10. SocialBro – Improve your hit rate on Twitter with this twitter analytics and performance app. It will help you engage your followers, choose keywords, and provide you with complete tracking and statistics on your Twitter feed.

This list of the best free marketing apps was designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of companies. Whether you need to design a banner on the fly or close a deal with an overseas client, there are business and marketing apps available to do exactly what you need. WA little research will help you perfect your own set of apps.