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Writesonic Review: An Affordable Way to Write Faster

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I’m writing this Writesonic review after using it for just over a month. I think it’s worthy of your checking it out, especially if you are a niche blogger who wants to write more articles faster.

What is Writesonic

Writesonic is an online content generation tool that helps you write articles faster by providing a simple to use interface and tips for improving your writing.

How Writesonic works

Like many other AI writing tools, writesonic takes basic descriptions for articles, ads, and product descriptions and creates content in minutes.

writesonic types of content

I don’t expect you to be able to see or read this dashboard. I’m showing it this small so you can see the INSANE number of options you have for creating 56 types of content.

The general categories include:

  • Blog articles
  • Ads
  • Social Media: TikTok, linkedIn,
  • Ecommerce: product descriptions and Amazon headlines, descriptions and titles

The general categories include:

  • Blog articles
  • Ads
  • Social Media: TikTok, linkedIn,
  • Ecommerce: product descriptions and Amazon headlines, descriptions and titles

The 56 types of content are:

1. Articles

2. Blog Posts

3. Case Studies

4. Clickbait Headlines

5. Ecommerce Product Descriptions

6. Facebook Ads

7. Forum Posts

8. Guest Posts

9. Instagram Ads

10. LinkedIn Ads

11. LinkedIn Articles

12. LinkedIn Headlines

13. Newsletters

14. Pinterest Pins

15. Press Releases

16. Quora Answers

17. Reddit Posts

18. Sales Emails

19.Sales Pages

20. SEO Articles

21. SlideShares

22. Social Media Posts

23. Sponsored Content

24. TikTok Ads

25. TikTok Videos

26. Twitter Ads

27. Twitter Headlines

28. Whitepapers

29. YouTube Ads

30. YouTube Thumbnails

31. YouTube Titles

32. Amazon Headlines

33. Amazon Product Descriptions

34. Craigslist Posts

35. eBay Listings

36. Etsy Listings

37. Facebook Posts

38. Forum Signatures

39. Instagram Captions

40. LinkedIn Articles

41. LinkedIn Headlines

42. Newsletters

43. Pinterest Pins

44. Press Releases

45. Quora Answers

46. Reddit Posts

47.Sales Emails

48. Sales Pages

49. SEO Articles

50. SlideShares

51. Social Media Posts

52. Sponsored Content

53. TikTok Videos

54. Twitter Ads

55. Twitter Headlines

56. Whitepapers

User interface and experience

The Writesonic user interface is very intuitive and easy to use. After signing up for an account, you’re taken to a dashboard with all of your options for content creation.

You can either choose to create new content or edit existing content. I found the editing interface to be very user-friendly and straightforward.

There are three main sections to the Writesonic editor:

The first section is where you input your topic, keyword, and audience.

The second section is where you actually write your content. This is the meat of the Writesonic editor, and it’s very well designed.

Who Writesonic is for

Writesonic is perfect for content marketers, bloggers, and small business owners who want to generate good content quickly without spending hours writing or paying someone to write for them.

Pros and cons of using Writesonic

Pricing and how to buy Writesonic

Writesonic pricing is based on purchasing credits. There is a monthly fee for a specific number of credits. This pricing structure has gotten mixed reviews, but I think it’s very competitive. For $45/mo you get unlimited credits and an integrations with SEMRush.

writesonic pricing table

I’ve been using the free plan and I find that it’s enough for me to use the tool as a supplementary tool to

Writesonic vs

I’ve been using for over a year. And, as much as I love, Writesonic does things a little differently and that makes it an ideal add-on to my AI writing toolbox.

While both Writesonic and create blog outlines, Writesonic will write out the entire article and writes out one section at a time. If you are a niche blogger in a popular niche, you can end up with an article that’s 80% perfect and just edit elements here and there to come up with a finished article. is very different. will come up with an outline, but you have to go back and forth with the AI to get to content that you find acceptable. If you prefer to edit an entire article, you’ll like Writesonic and if you prefer to customize your article as you go, you’ll prefer Jas[

If you like being a part of a rabid fan community, Jasper is a great choice. Because they were among the first high quality AI writing tools, they’ve developed a large community of users. So if you want to hire writers to create your blog posts using Jasper, this is your best bet.

Final thoughts on using Writesonic

Overall, I’m a fan a Writesonic. The quality of the content is very, very good. But, like all AI writing tools, it’s not close to perfect. Just because you see complete sentences doesn’t mean that those sentences are factually accurate.

Whenever you’re using any content writing tool, I recommend that you use the tool as an idea generator. Google and other search engines are getting wise to AI content. As of this writing, Google will only penalize nonsensical AI content. If your content adds value to the reader, you will be fine.

As in all content marketing, always keep your reader at the center of your content and do not write content for the sake of content. And for that, Writesonic is a great choice.

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